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How to distinguish between environmental protection boiler precipitator cylindrical bag and flat bag environmental protection boiler precipitator cylindrical bag and flat bag What's the difference, boiler bag filter has a cylindrical bag, flat bag, also there are star dust bag. Boiler filter bag of a cylindrical bag, flat bag, and the star dust bag. We make a comparison of the key functions of a cylindrical bag and flat bag of dust, etc., summarizes two kinds bag What are the differences. Cylindrical bag is a bag wide selection of boiler precipitator, dust is generally set outside the skeleton, the use of matching. Currently selected length of such a bag mostly 2-2.6 m in diameter of about 120-130 mm. Concluded bag diameter and length, depending on the injection was stressed that if the same amount of anti-hair, increased bag diameter or length will be due to the lack of anti-hair amount to constitute the cleaning effect is not good. Therefore, in the organization and the number of injection pulses per injection valve bags predetermined condition, the bag can not be any longer or increase the diameter. Cylindrical bag widely used, producing custom-made simple and convenient device. Flat flat rectangular bag shape, and a cylindrical bag as set on a rectangular bobbin supporting dusting is used, a standard full thickness rectangular Dust skeleton is generally 25-50 mm. This structure can make full use of the space housing the boiler precipitator, it and the cylindrical bag filter of the same volume compared to larger filter area, but the space between the bag should not be too small, otherwise the bag briefly blocked.

Boilers are widely used, and there are some unique problems in China. Although imported boilers are used in some plants, the pipeline is still carbon steel, oxygen corrosion and CO2 corrosion are serious, resulting in the problem of iron ions in condensate water exceeding the standard is very common. High content of iron ion water is an unsafe factor in boiler, which causes pit erosion and pitting corrosion of boiler wall, and causes boiler perforation to be scrapped.

Since 2017, located in Changchun City, Jilin Province to accelerate the governance of coal-fired boilers within the city out of small coal-fired boilers remediation process. Up to now, the work has achieved initial success.

15 in the city with 20 kilowatts and above the coal-fired generating units, 13 units have ultra-low emissions; city table 292 with 20 t steam / hour or more coal-fired boilers, emission standards have reached the count 253 male , accounting for 86.64% of the proportion of the boiler with; the city built area of ​​10 steam tons / hour small coal-fired boilers 2962 units, out of a total of 29553 units, up 99.7% out of proportion, the basic completion of the national requirements out of the task.

In order to further improve air quality, improve people's living environment standards index, Changchun City by expanding the ban on burning area, improve the standard phase-out of coal-fired boilers, plans to use two years of urban 20 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler (kiln) furnace eliminated.

By the end of 2017, the city has eliminated 20 tons of steam / hour coal-fired boilers 964 units; at the same time to speed up the central heating and (expanding) network as well as the pace of clean energy promotion, provide for the transformation of the city's coal-fired boiler control a strong guarantee.

In recent years, Changchun City, adhere to the full implementation of coal-fired boilers governance, to improve ambient air quality in Changchun City has played a positive role. 2017, good days Changchun 276 days, compared with 2013, an increase of 35 days; heavy pollution days 10 days compared to 2013, reduced by 33 days; major air pollutants respirable particulate matter (PM10) and fine particles (of PM2.5) were 78 mg / m and 46 micrograms / cubic meter, respectively, 39.5% and 37.0% decrease over 2013.

What are the main parts of the boiler? No matter what kind of equipment, accessories are essential, and parts of the boiler is very much, even the smallest one ton tonnage industrial gas boiler, but also by the composition system accessories, not to mention the large circulating fluidized bed the number of parts of the boiler. Zheng pot boiler accessories is one of the main marketing services provided, as even wear tiny boiler, but also need to replace individual parts within a certain period of time, to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.