steam boiler buble fluidised bed

The third period is a scaling-up and maturating period. The major Chinese boiler works imported advanced foreign technologies to build CFB boilers larger than 100MWe including the subcritical 300MWe ones. These technologies are localized into domestic ones. At the same time, Chinese researchers independently developed their own reheat CFB boilers based on the experience accumulated in smaller capacity CFB boiler development in the first two periods, and improved some foreign technologies to burn Chinese local coals. In the third period, CFB boilers dominated heat power co-generation plants and emerging in utility boiler market in China.

CFBC Boiler: 204㎡

In China, AFBC boilers were popular in 1980s. Nowadays, with higher technology update, CFBC boiler takes more market shares. In 2015, our 115 MW CFBC Hot Water Boiler listed as first in national technology development study with 91.86% high combustion efficiency, widely used in thermal power plant, chemical industry, etc. However, the writer does not say, AFBC boiler time is over. To those low grade coal or fuels, AFBC boiler has its light spot.

How to use gas-fired steam boiler buble fluidised bed correctly to ensure safe operation of gas-fired steam boiler is a kind of heat energy equipment with high temperature and high pressure. It is one of the special equipment. It is widely used in organs, enterprises and various industries. It is a dangerous and special equipment. In the event of an accident involving public safety, it will cause huge loss of life and property to the country and the people. For the sake of public safety and the safety of people's lives and property, according to the relevant laws and regulations of boilers, the following matters should be noted in the use of boilers: (1) when the boiler leaves the factory, it shall be accompanied by the design documents required by the safety technical specifications and the certificate of quality of the products, Safety and use maintenance instructions, supervision and inspection Proof 2, boiler installation, maintenance, renovation. Units engaged in the installation, maintenance and renovation of boilers shall obtain a certificate of qualification for the installation and maintenance of special equipment issued by the Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision in order to engage in the installation, maintenance and renovation of boilers. Before construction, the construction unit will inform the special equipment safety supervision and administration department directly under the Central Government or the jurisdiction directly under the Central Government in writing before the construction, and will send the construction to the local county-level quality and technical supervision bureau for the record, after which the construction can be carried out. 3, boiler installation, maintenance, retrofit acceptance. After the completion of the construction, the construction unit shall apply to the inspection of the special equipment of the state quality and technical supervision bureau Report water pressure test and installation inspection of boiler. After qualified by the state quality and technical supervision bureau, state special equipment inspection office, county quality and technical supervision bureau participate in the overall acceptance. 4, boiler registration. After acceptance of the boiler, the user must fill in the relevant registration form and apply for the corresponding formalities in accordance with the relevant management rules. 5, boiler operation. Boiler operation must be operated by licensed personnel who have been trained to obtain the Certificate of Special equipment operator, and must strictly abide by the operation rules and eight rules and six records in use. 6, boiler inspection. The boiler carries out a periodic inspection once a year and does not pass the safe periodic inspection Boilers shall not be used. Boiler Safety Accessories Safety Valves are inspected every year, pressure gauges are verified semi-annually, and unchecked Safety Accessories are not allowed to be used. 7, it is strictly prohibited to install the atmospheric pressure boiler for the use of the pressure boiler. It is strictly prohibited to use water level gauge, safety valve, pressure gauge three large safety accessories incomplete boiler.

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