maximum moisture content for chain grate boiler

Gas maximum moisture content for chain grate boiler leaking how do

For leaking gas boiler, to adopt a different approach according to the actual situation. Generally gas boiler leaking into several areas:

The role of gas-fired maximum moisture content for chain grate boiler economizer, type and price: the boiler is a large energy-consuming equipment, gas boiler economizer is based on this born. To save energy, a high temperature flue gas discharged from the waste heat boiler reused, manufacturers will economizer mounted near the top or rear of the boiler flue, feedwater heating member. Mounted gas boiler economizer by lowering the flue gas temperature, can improve the efficiency of the boiler, so as to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.

Run hot water maximum moisture content for chain grate boilers, and we have to keep clean condensing boiler, condensing boilers do not let the stolen goods debris, dirt and the like, must be promptly cleaned. Also to be noted on a regular basis to condensing boilers do a comprehensive inspection, the repair to repair, the change would change, often we do not pay attention or could not bear maintenance costs, greater losses later, so we better trade-offs.

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