caracteristica del calderofulton boiler

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Cause damage specific analysis WNS steam caracteristica del calderofulton boiler 1, a steam boiler WNS Reasons for lack of water subsidence area, i.e. corridor above the flue gas and a convection tube on the bottom of the drum is always in a high temperature superheated state, the sheet-like portion pearlite-temperature regions of the material will globular pearlite gradually change, phase change results in accelerated creep rate, and decrease the rupture strength, severe over-temperature regions of the material is overheated, the grains of austenite and rapid up, tensile strength abruptly decreases, the inner drum steam pressure causes plastic deformation of the film occurs region, gradually collapse. Partially collapsed scale is iron in steel at an elevated temperature with an oxidizing medium synthesized FeO. Outermost layer of oxide is Fe2O3, is a central Fe3O4, and a metal oxide layer at the junction FeO. Decarburized layer is a high temperature steel decarbonization formation. 2, the causes of boiler tube WNS convection tube connecting the steam drum in the form of a plug-side welding, force is weakest region. Length superheat temperature continues to rise so that the wall strength of the material resulting in a continuous decline. Is generally considered to be higher than 200 ℃ steel significantly reduced elastic modulus exceeds 300 ℃ steel yield strength starts to drop. When the temperature of the steel reaches 350 deg.] C or higher, decrease in yield strength at room temperature to yield the desired strength of 2/3 or less, the maximum temperature of the steel 20 450 ℃. When approaching Griddle boiler, the convection wall temperature far exceeding its maximum temperature, the pressure pot under the action of convection and Tube yielding occurs, and because the hoop stress axial stress is 1/2, the spout in the circumferential It is pulled into an oval shape. Finally, longitudinal cracks take over the angle generated between weak parts in the region of the weld structure and apertures along the bridge. The cracks in the tubes and pipes leak and cause a lot of soda unusual noise, which was discovered by the stove staff.

Is there a greater change in the thermal efficiency of the caracteristica del calderofulton boiler under different loads? Each boiler has an economic load range, generally about 75% to 100% of rated load of the boiler, than this load, the efficiency is decreased below this load, the efficiency also decreased; for each boiler furnace and smoke channel capacity is fixed, when the rated load is exceeded, causes the fuel in the furnace residence time is too short, not enough time to be taken out of the combustion furnace, resulting in increased heat loss chemically incomplete; because excessive smoke, smoke flow and flue gas temperature of greater than normal, causing a large loss of the flue gas, reducing its efficiency. In the low-load operation, since the furnace temperature drops more, burning disturbance weakened, incomplete combustion heat loss increases, boiler efficiency will be reduced.

February 21, spring day, the CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of China Zhi Gong Dang, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Jiang Zuojun director of the Central Monitoring Committee accompanied by relevant leaders of Anyang, fast Boiler visit the company headquarters and to carry out research. Jiang Zuojun first visited the company's R & D Center Exhibition Hall, a detailed briefing accompanied by Mr. Luhai Gang's Group President. Mr. Jiang Zuojun listened carefully to the President on various aspects of History and products, production technology, market applications and so on.