boiler tube material information

Vertical steam boiler tube material information optional indirect heat exchanger generally conventional vertical steam boiler energy-saving effect can be improved by a simple transformation, such as increasing the installed heat recovery unit, which is the energy-saving advantages of vertical steam boiler. Vertical steam boiler heat exchanger is generally divided into two, one is in direct contact with a heat exchanger, and the other is an indirect heat exchanger, which are separate means for flue gas heat recovery, to achieve energy saving effect. Vertical high heat recovery steam boiler in direct contact with the heat exchanger, flue gas contaminant is also removed, but acidic water quality, convenient for vertical steam boiler. A so-called indirect heat exchanger is an apparatus in which thermal energy is recovered we often say that the flue gas by condensation. Now people choose to use vertical steam boilers more and more, the proportion of market share also continues to increase, this vertical steam boiler flue gas emissions contain large amounts of water vapor, by condensing emit large amounts of latent heat of vaporization efficiency than coal-fired boiler is much higher. This vertical steam boiler pick indirect heat exchanger results were better.

What is the first thing to pay attention to when buying gas-fired boiler tube material informations?

Whatever industry or life we need to use all kinds of gas, which requires us to purchase gas-fired boilers must be careful and serious. Otherwise, once the quality of gas-fired boilers is not passed or there are other problems, the consequences are very serious, and when we buy gas-fired boilers, the first thing we should pay attention to is the surface problem.

Selected boiler tube material information steam pressure, depending on the user's requirements.

Vapor pressure, safety pressure member Advantageously, the energy consumption is low; but the steam will be relatively worse quality, low enthalpy, humidity, may be difficult to meet the disinfection, sterilization, culture, heating and power needs.

Provide for the growers Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group, the main compound fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, soil conditioner, etc. required for a full line of soil and - with another giant fertilizer industry enterprises farming solutions services. 2016, Kim Jong large group with my company, to buy one of two 10 tons of steam condensing steam boiler tube material information (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q). It is the product side were quick constant pursuit of quality, in-depth research and development of control and intelligent control, boiler energy efficiency as well as high demand for continuous improvement of energy efficiency and emissions, making the fertilizer industry's two leading companies invariably choose the fast way hand in hand!