boiler end cap as per asme code

What preparation needs to be done before installing the condensing boiler end cap as per asme code?

With the improvement of material living standards, modern people generally have higher requirements for the temperature state of their environment. Since the advent of research and development, condensing boilers have successfully attracted the attention of a large number of social groups. After an in-depth understanding of the performance of condensing boilers, many social groups are scrambling to buy. At the same time, the installation of a full range of condensing boilers has become an urgent problem for many buyers, so what preparatory work should be done before installing the condensing boilers?

1, it is well known that environmental protection has become an issue of great concern in today's society, and the relevant departments have formulated a series of rules for the installation and use of boilers. Those enterprises and institutions that do not meet the requirements will not be able to install the condensing boilers smoothly even if they have purchased them, so be sure to verify that they are qualified for installation before installing the condensing boilers.

2. The second item is to check whether the parts are complete or not the existing condensing boilers in the market usually need to go through many links from the factory to the formal operation in which the transportation and storage are the necessary links for the boiler to be put into the market. If the relevant work is not done in these links, the performance of the condensing boiler may be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to check the appearance of the boiler and the completeness of the fittings before installing the condensing boiler.

3, the installation of auxiliary mobile equipment will be ready because most condensing boilers are relatively large and difficult to move, if the installation depends solely on manual handling or movement is not very realistic. Only by means of large-scale hook-hanger equipment can the condensing boiler be placed in the intended installation position, so the enterprise that buys the condensing boiler will need to prepare the auxiliary moving equipment before installing it.

Low load operation mode processing

1, gas boiler is found to always pay attention to changes in boiler pressure lower loads, fire control, and air volume ratio, so that it is operated at a predetermined pressure, over-pressure, over-temperature operation no longer occur.

2, fireman should open the recurring pressure gauge, pressure gauge flushing the trap, to prevent clogging; Rinse once per shift pressure gauge, to prevent false water level.

3, always pay attention to changes in boiler water level to keep it at a normal level, prevent the emergence of the boiler dry.

4, the protection of the safety valve is the last line of defense after the failure of all automatic protection instruments must be checked regularly, once every two weeks to manually open the vent to prevent rust.

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First, before starting the purge gas boiler end cap as per asme code normally, but misfire an insufficient amount of electricity anger: Check and repair the line 2, the solenoid valve burned, does not work (the main valve, an ignition valve): renewal 3, pressure instability : 5 to adjust the pressure to a predetermined value, the air volume is too large: with the wind decreases, the throttle opening is reduced two, normal pressure gas boiler, a misfire, the ignition transformer burned: 2 renewal, high voltage damage or loss: reinstalling or transducer 3, rod position relative sizes ignition gap is too large or too small: 4 readjust, broken or short-circuited to the electrodes: 5 to reinstall or renewal, inappropriate pitch: re-adjusted three gas-fired with 5 to 6 points after a second flame, pressure is low, the pressure drop is too large, too small gas flow: re-adjusting the air, cleaning the filter 2, the air volume is too small, incomplete combustion, darker smoke color: readjust 3, the air volume is too large, there white gas: readjust