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Boiler industry can not be ignored safety precautions during biggest manufacturer copper boiler operation, accidents have occurred when water hammer, burst pipes and so on. This paper starts from the boiler management of the whole process, analyzes the causes of accidents resulting boiler, combined with management practices proposed effective preventive measures. This has some practical significance for the prevention of boiler accident. Boiler safety hazard is the direct cause of the accident Boiler: Boiler irrational structure portion resulting in insufficient strength member, poor circulation, or heat boiler deviation not free to expand and the like. Boiler material not meet quality requirements; improper manufacturing process, the presence of internal stress pressure member; sewage outfall mounted too high, the sludge is not discharged; ends slide boiler expansion point congestion, pipe expansion plug, valve design is unreasonable, the adjustment does not meet the requirements; unreasonable level gauge mounting position; gauge connection tube allowed or not allowed. Require the installation fails; explosion vent excess pressure or insufficient area; unreasonable design of the exhaust gas temperature. Causing poor operation and management boiler or a boiler filled with water; Water boiler fouling results in poor management; difference causes oxygen Temperature Corrosion of metal; discharge delay results in a high alkaline water boiler; boiler due to poor atomization adjusting a difference; incomplete combustion flame does stable or inclined; combustion system malfunction or failure itself leads to the boiler combustor flameout. In summary, boiler installation, improper operation unreasonable and supporting technologies, will lead to various accidents boiler, enterprises and workers to bring the loss of life and property. As long as the understanding and knowledge of the law of boiler accident risks, strict control of boiler design, boiler installation, boiler management, improved management practices and improve boiler, boiler accidents can be avoided, to avoid accidents.

Advantage pressure hot water biggest manufacturer copper boiler pressure boiler which have as a common heating equipment is widely used in various occasions, to people's daily life brought great convenience. It not only saves a lot of resources to create higher economic efficiency, but also warmly welcomed by many market users, increasing demand. Customers insist on using a pressure boiler is mainly due to four major advantages of the boiler. Four advantages of a pressure hot water boiler, the boiler itself supercharged cheap price is not high, the price of natural gas and other fuels also declined in recent years. Supercharged boiler efficiency reduces the cost of selected pressurized boiler. In addition, the present invention has high durability, easy maintenance, economical use. Second, the high pressure boiler efficiency three layout process, the wet type, so that large pressure heating surface active, while the flue condensation recovery, can be well controlled temperature in the exhaust gas boiler, the boiler's efficiency. Third, the security and stability with high-quality brand high temperature pressure boiler factory alarm system, alarm system overpressure, water alarm systems, safety accessories leak alarm systems, fire protection systems, pressure boiler concern. The use of safe and stable. Fourth, the small size typically equipped supercharged fast loading structure, across the bottom of the boiler is made of a high rigid material. Urging a smaller volume in the boiler easier installation and transport, the use of less demanding of space, suitable for use in various environments.

Why gas biggest manufacturer copper boiler thermostat can guarantee long-term stable operation of the gas boiler thermostat intelligent "core" count, fast operation easily cope with a variety of data processing, burning through a lot of experiments to establish a large database so that the gas boiler can easily cope with changes in various use environments and automatically adjust to fit various combustion states, as well as fully functional steam thermal power microcontrollers intelligent control four full, so why gas boiler thermostat can guarantee long-term stable operation of it? First, copper optimization integrated water supply specialized product gas boiler water systems are affecting the stability of the basic work equipment, and are usually wall-mounted gas boiler thermostat selection of high-purity copper, its ordinary life of the product longer than the boiler, high-intensity pressure port to prevent leakage, the design for the bearing capacity has been greatly improved by optimizing waterway. Second, shaped according to staged combustion exhaust gas boiler manufacturers fire after the second largest market survey shows that factors affecting the stability of operation of gas boiler is "the uniformity of the gas-air" and "full combustion of." Gas boiler thermostat Chi Yan Qing pure fire with a pinhole aperture shaped ultra-low emission combustion stability, the ability of resistance to external gas boiler stronger at the same time comply with laws governing the operation of Chinese households and commercial premises, can also be customized to let the fire hole winter the temperature is raised faster. Third, high-performance gas proportional valve in order to make a stable operation safer and more stable gas boiler, gas boiler thermostat also select the two-channel safety of the proportional valve, which can adjust the ratio of Chinese Environmental gas required to cover the working principle of the gas boiler by ratio of air temperature and water temperature can for other smart match in each month, regardless of the optimal combination of various summers and winters can provide you with accurate steam supply, allowing users to winter Xiashu. Further temperature gas boiler expansion tank design also uses, it works can be seen through by a compressed gas so that the internal volume of the balance of the system is changed, to maintain the stability of the system pressure. The expansion of gas-fired boiler with boiler tank making more suitable for Chinese families to use, so make the system safer and more stable operation, to help steady job.