alibaba hot water electric boiler

Electric boiler safety device safety procedures more alibaba hot water electric boiler safety device, the main flame protection device, antifreeze device, means preventing spontaneous combustion, thermal overload protection, low water pressure protection, the water switch, water storage switch, automatic air vent, life preventing overheating of the hot water, the flue is blocked devices. (1) thermal protection device: the main purpose is to prevent overheating protection tube high water vaporization, danger. The most general electric boiler designed height of 80 ℃, logic is adjusted according to the degree of gas. (2) a low pressure or low-water protection device is provided with a closed electric boiler low pressure switch, open low water level electrode. Low pressure switch is a closed system refers to a certain pressure (typically 0.05MPa) to start, to prevent leakage resulting in lack of water, so that there is gas within the system caused by overheating of the heat exchanger, automatic exhaust device failure. When only the low water level electrode is higher than the predetermined value within the water tank is powered, otherwise the required automatic water filling artificial. (3) Water Water switching switch mainly used for living water systems and heating water systems. Water heating water system switch to verify pump operation to prevent pump idling. Water System Water Life switch command source is required domestic hot water heating system and from the switching action of living systems.

Gas boilers should be reinstated after discontinuation of the operation of the gas boiler content is one of the more common applications of industrial production equipment, many are relied on to solve the water problem, in order to ensure long-term gas boiler can maintain a stable working state, proper maintenance of the boiler is essential to go. If the gas boiler in the past has been shut down for a long time, how to restore normal? The first is the gas boiler thoroughly cleaned, since when not used for a long time, then gas boiler from inside to outside is bound to accumulate a lot of dust, only to be cleaned before you can use a clean, clear to check out the actual condition of the boiler . After completion of the gas boiler cleaning, be sure to use hot air to dry them, but not both for heating the furnace walls and other accessories, this is likely to have adverse consequences. Right way is to place an electric heater in the bottom of the gas boiler, heated. When the gas boiler has just put into use when the need to place the desiccant should also pay attention to corrosion on the tray, the tray holding good drying effect, contribute to its normal use, so as to promote the effectiveness of its full potential gas boiler. In addition to long pauses use of gas-fired boilers to note the above operations, the daily maintenance is also very important and must be inspected once every few months we should note that the desiccant, promptly added; and each periodic inspection of boiler parts usage, have something to damage should be repaired or replaced. On this basis, gas boiler to regain the good performance to the previous, to provide the necessary heat for industrial production, its value can be fully tapped.

There are two methods to calculate the furnace structure characteristics of an alibaba hot water electric boiler: first, when designing a new electric boiler, according to the combustion requirements, according to the selected thermal strength of the grate area and the thermal intensity of the furnace volume, the area of the discharging row and the primary determination of the volume of the furnace are determined. And structural dimensions. Second, preliminary determination of the grate area and furnace volume according to the boiler recommended estimation method. In order to calculate the characteristics of furnace structure, the radiative heating surface of furnace should be arranged according to the requirement of heat transfer, and the layout sketch of furnace structure should be drawn up in order to calculate the characteristics of furnace structure. When checking the furnace of the existing electric boiler, if the structure is known, the characteristics of the furnace mechanism should also be calculated. Calculation of furnace structure characteristics of electric boiler Provide necessary mechanism data for furnace heat transfer calculation. If the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the furnace is not reasonable after heat transfer calculation in the furnace, the arrangement of the furnace mechanism and radiation heating surface should be modified, and then the calculation should be carried out. The perimeter of the furnace volume of the electric boiler is: the surrounding area and the center line of the water wall on the top of the furnace. (if the water wall tube is covered with fireproof coated active refractory brick, it is the facing surface of the wall. The place where the water wall is not laid out is the inner wall of the furnace wall. The exit window is the surface of the front-most row of pipe centerlines) and the bottom. When hydraulic oil flows through all kinds of hydraulic valves, there is inevitably pressure loss and flow loss, which is the energy of this part. Loss accounts for a large proportion of the total energy loss. Therefore, choosing the hydraulic pressure reasonably and adjusting the pressure of the pressure valve is also an important aspect of reducing the power loss. The flow valve is selected according to the range of flow regulation in the system to ensure that its minimum steady flow rate can meet the service requirements. The pressure of the pressure valve is as low as possible under the condition that the pressure of the pressure valve meets the normal operation of the hydraulic equipment. Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil. When the hydraulic oil flows in the pipeline, it will show viscosity, and when the viscosity is too high, it will produce a greater internal friction force, which will cause the oil to heat up, and at the same time increase the resistance of the oil flow. When viscosity is too low, easy to cause leakage, will reduce the system Volume efficiency, therefore, generally choose a suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics of the oil. In addition, when the oil flows in the pipeline, there is also pressure loss along the path and local pressure loss, so when designing the pipeline, it is possible to shorten the pipeline and reduce the bend at the same time.

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