used boiler 15 tph 40bar

Optional gas used boiler 15 tph 40bar market are closely combined, most of the material gas boiler is a boiler-tight manner, a sealed manner, in the insulation performance is projecting, generally several boiler through the connection hole, the insulation performance is not high, and in the selection of lead time, the overall effect of bad gas, or affected with many other reasons, followed by even understand the design of gas-fired boilers, boiler design is now also pay attention to the problem of raw materials.

Expected by the end of this year, Jiangsu Province, the province will complete the ultra-low emissions below 100,000 kilowatts coal-fired units. It's Jiangsu Province, following more than 100,000 kilowatts ultra-low emission coal-fired units in 2017 renovation, energy-saving and environmentally friendly coal a "first in the country."

According to statistics, Jiangsu Province in energy consumption, accounting for over 60% of coal, which accounts for coal and coal consumption sticking. Industrial emissions of air pollution is the bulk, ultra-low emission power plants, clean coal is to enhance efficiency, promote air pollution control "top priority."

According to the deputy director of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission Energy Bureau, Jiangsu Province coal units in the national energy conservation program first started, the fastest progress. In the coal transformation "mentioned standard extended surface" advancing, Jiangsu Province by the national requirements of more than 300,000 kilowatts stand-alone, single expanded to more than 100,000 kilowatts, 100,000 kilowatts this year covering the following units. In order to promote energy saving coal-fired power plant, Jiangsu Province, also the first start price subsidies, together with local award and subsidy, enterprise since the vote, five years invested a total of 23.4 billion yuan.

Price subsidies coupled with strict control of environmental protection, promote the province of large-scale coal-fired power plants, clean production. By the end of last year, Jiangsu Province, a total of 225 sets of 73.6 million kilowatts coal units to complete the environmental transformation. Combined with the transformation of coal to the end of last year, out of sync, Jiangsu Province, small thermal power units 2.95 million kilowatts.

Coal transformation of wide coverage, high standards, emissions dropped significantly. Emissions of coal dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides three major pollutants, Jiangsu line monitoring mean values ​​of 2.3 mg / cubic meter, 18.5 mg / cubic meter and 35.5 mg / cubic meter, effective domestic optimal. Transformation, Jiangsu Province, to proceed with flue gas heat recovery, central heating, shutting down small thermal power, 25.7 million tons of standard coal last year to save.

Significantly reduce the amount of coal emissions at the same time, the province "Blue Sky index" every year. According to the Provincial Department of environment statistics, since 2013, the province PM2.5年均浓度连续 six years continued to decline, good days than from 60.3% in 2013, rising to 68% last year.

Measure the pressure testing of four main criteria: 1, the metal walls of the pressurized components and no water mist; 2, after the pressure is reduced to the operating pressure at the inflation port without dripping beads; 3, sheet cast iron used boiler 15 tph 40bars seal pot at the rated working pressure no longer drops dripping beads; 4, after the hydraulic test, no significant residual deformation.

Why automatic gas used boiler 15 tph 40bar praised by the market automatic gas boiler full one-button operation total artificial save time, it is simple to install and easy to operate automatic operation, one machine can be set as a product manual mode, but back pass condenser can be installed to achieve waste heat recovery boiler and improve efficiency. It truly interlock and overpressure protection and water leakage protection and over-current protection, as security stewards gas market has received. First, similar to the widely used gas boiler works, ordinary similar products using geographical clearly defined, limited, and the use of automatic gas boiler is extremely wide, including providing production and food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and other gas; medical institutions disinfection gas; providing heating steam to other enterprises and institutions, hotels and so on; can also provide domestic hot water through the tank, truly a machine affordable and practical. Second, the intelligent control Sanitary Water Heating Why is automatic gas boiler heating and sanitary water supply automation can achieve it? Such as in a water bath, for example, water sensing means may be a gas boiler for sanitary water precise feedback, i.e., the water bath temperature sensor timely return, supply gas boiler professional company, precise control of the microcomputer intelligent receiver the amount of gas while ensuring a steady stream of hot water thermostatic bath and enjoy it, without human intervention. Third, the green engine combustion frequency automatic gas boiler reason why the market mainly due to it from the combustion frequency, the industry was known as the "green engine" and "China's environmental protection products", such as automatic gas combustion boiler uses a unique frequency, entirely subject to the actual temperature of the room, according to the temperature difference set by the user to make intelligent regulation of the combustion power and the temperature is maintained at the set value of the user, it provides heating for the new model. In addition, in recent years many gas boiler brand products also emerged a lot of patented technologies, such as three-point temperature control technology can make life more warm, real-time monitoring out of the water bath, for automation devices water temperature, gas-fired boiler can relatively short period of time to calculate the required gas consumption, ensure accurate and real-time water temperature constant, these are coded to market sales of gas-fired boiler.