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After normal supermarket atmospheric pressure boiler dealer outage, why should the use of natural buck? Since the saturated water vapor having a certain temperature under a certain pressure, when the pressure change, the saturated water and saturated steam temperature change accordingly. If the boiler shutdown pressure drops too fast, the saturated water and saturated steam temperature dropped significantly. Due to the high rate of change of pressure saturation temperature at a lower pressure, because the saturated vapor in contact with the drum wall, the lower wall in contact with saturated water vapor than the thermal conductivity of water is large, the heat accumulator drum lower wall water to pass quickly the drum wall at a temperature close to the saturation temperature at the new pressure after the pressure drop, and poor heat transfer walls of the drum to maintain a higher temperature, the drum wall temperature is higher than the wall temperature, the faster the vapor pressure drop, the drum, the greater the temperature difference between the lower wall. Simultaneously vapor pressure decreased too fast, which also decreases the saturation temperature corresponding to accelerate the wall temperature waterwall, economizer header and the faster decline, due to the rapid cooling, the contraction will have a great thermal stress, local joint, at the weld easy to crack, so the boiler outage to take normal blood pressure naturally. When the normal flame boiler shutdown, soft drinks all doors should be closed, closing dampers, Manhole the boiler is in the closed state, allowed to cool down.

Steam supermarket atmospheric pressure boiler dealer superheater and steam parameters and the role of retirement: this kind of boiler steam boiler, I believe we are not unfamiliar to it, because it is widely used, but the site also has been conducting introduce explained. So, based on these two points, is the need to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the steam boiler, in order to achieve a reasonable use of the product, and then, to play its due role, and to reflect its economic value. 1. steam boiler waste water produced, it can be discharged directly? On the steam parameters, if there is a vapor density of this? Steam boiler wastewater generated, it can be directly discharged condition for the no pollution, that is, there is no contamination of waste water can be discharged directly, if there is pollution, then, is first processed and meet emission standards in order to discharge . In the steam parameters, this is not a vapor density, and purity of steam only two evaporation. 2. Is there a superheater steam boiler, steam affect you? Is there a superheated steam boiler, steam boiler its kind produced, is very much affected, because the steam boiler with superheater to produce dry steam superheater if not, then the boiler can only produce Saturated Vapor. Therefore, in terms of superheater steam boiler, it is an important member.

Security measures after the supermarket atmospheric pressure boiler dealer flameout (1) continue ventilation 5min. Possible to exclude the combustion chamber and flue residual fuel, and then closed and stop sending each of the flaps, ID fan, to prevent the cooling, resulting in rapid decline in steam pressure. (2) after a flame retention secondary or bypass opening and a bypass reheater steam to the exhaust air, after 10min off to maintain the superheater and reheater without overheating. (3) boiler shutdown should be strictly controlled speed down the boiler, is in a natural way pressure relief (i.e., self-shutdown function of cooling down), forcibly opening the pressure relief taking prohibited to exhaust air or the like. So as not to damage the device. (4) When the boiler shutdown when there are pressure and auxiliary power left, do not allow the boiler unit without monitor. (5) In order to prevent corrosion of the internal heating surface, should be prepared as required shutdown protection after shutdown. (6) It should also make antifreeze in winter shutdown work equipment.

Food is food industry is human life industry, but also an ancient and eternal evergreen industry. Industrial steam supermarket atmospheric pressure boiler dealer as an integral part of the chain, is mainly used for processing of distillation, extraction, sterilizing, drying, curing and other processes. Anqing City, Anhui Province is located in the Want Want Foods Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in all kinds of puffed food processing and manufacturing and sale of steam boiler steam delivered directly or indirectly in contact with food, thus requiring the steam quality is very high. Due to expanding production needs, Want Want Foods in urgent need of a boiler plant to provide high-quality steam. After a comprehensive understanding of the boiler industry, determined to cooperate with the fast boiler. Want fast square perennial cooperation with the country's food company, it has considerable experience of cooperation. By understanding the needs of the Want Want food production, providing a whole 10 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler (WNS10-1.25-Y.Q).