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25 tph SZS condensing gas-fired steam boiler with iron china for non-ferrous industryAs the core equipment of the production project, the steam boiler provides heat energy for the production process such as thermal analysis and drying. Tianqi Lithium is the world's leading lithium-based new energy materials company, its business covers key stages of the lithium industry chain. The production base in Shehong, Sichuan is the starting point of Tianqi Lithium's business, with an annual production capacity of over 172,000 tons.Recently, Tianqi Lithium carried out comprehensive technological transformation for further expansion of production capacity. As the important equipment for production projects, the steam boilers directly affect the company's production capacity, which is the key target of this transformation. Therefore, Tianqi Lithium attached great importance to this project and held a public bidding, it planned to purchase a branch of energy-saving and environmentally friendly steam boilers. As a leader among the domestic steam boiler suppliers, ZOZEN won the trust of Tianqi Lithium with its huge production scale and unique products. The two parties signed a purchase and sale contract for SZS series steam boilers. Soon after, ZOZEN won Tianqi Lithium Industry's Anju project with its strong strength once again, and provided the same type of gas boilers. ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired steam boilers are well-made, safe and reliable. The boiler body is made of high-quality insulation material, and the energy-saving device added at the tail of the flue is used to effectively control the heat loss, so that the boiler thermal efficiency reaches over 98%.

The power sector has established the necessary framework for the development of RE power projects. Indonesia has a strong agricultural sector and therefore a large potential to use residues from the agro industry as feedstock for power generation. It is for these reasons that the demand for biomass power station boilers in Indonesia is growing. We have comprehensively considered the customer's needs, location, boiler room size, fuel supply and other information, providing the Indonesian customers with a 3MW szl series biomass steam boiler with iron china for power generation.

13th of this month, Jiangsu Province, held a working meeting air pollution control, meeting the main objectives and tasks around the year, and plan the next phase of priorities, from morning to promote strict air pollution control this year's tight.

First, in-depth treatment of industrial pollution, dehumidification start off white along the Yangtze River coal-fired power project to promote the electricity, steel, cement, coke, glass, carbon, boilers, furnaces and other key industries the full implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions, the province basically completed iron and steel enterprises sintering machine ultra-low emission transformation, cement, coke, glass, carbon industry to achieve the emission limits set provincial requirements.

Gas boiler gas may leak and cause analysis classification gas boiler leakage of natural gas in accordance with the leakage region is divided into: underground pipeline leak outdoor, indoor gas pipeline leaks, leakage boiler, burner leakage, control, regulation and measurement components and which joints leak. Analysis may leak gas boiler room in addition to a natural gas leak caused due to illegal operations staff and external forces and natural, mainly for the following reasons. Outdoor buried gas pipeline leak: the construction quality, but off, pipeline corrosion perforation. Indoor gas pipeline leak: the construction of the construction quality, but off, or long-run pipeline corrosion. Boiler leak: Due to technical failure to the relevant requirements of the construction in the early gas boiler design or installation. Welded boiler wall strict model; After construction fails due to the technical requirements oven, rapid heating and cooling furnace or boiler wall on cracking Mifengbuyan; large vibration gas boiler operation, the weld or sealing off the furnace wall caused by insulation cracking; view of the fire hole, explosion-proof doors, etc. Manhole closed lax; boiler automatically turn off at runtime. Burner leak: design reasons or installation is not in place; burner after a long-running, air-fuel ratio imbalance, the combustion conditions change. Parts control, regulation, measurement and leaking joints: These components are often due to the operation of the switch may cause not flexible, closed lax, or due to vibration during operation of the boiler caused by loose joints large natural gas leak, or due to the control, regulation , difference measurement quality of the parts, closed lax leakage; or since the flange, gasket, sealant leakage caused by aging.