small cyclone for hot water boiler

It is understood, Shaanxi Province, 2018 - Continuing to promote the 2019 inspection work in key areas of defense sky war, now in its third phase. November 22, according to the requirements of the program of work for the inspection team to carry out all the Guanzhong area of ​​Shaanxi Province counties (cities, districts) inspection work, inspected 262 units, identify problems and 49, have been transferred to the supervision of Shaanxi Province 20 .

20 environmental issues in the supervision, accounting for 8 in Xi'an, Weinan City, accounting for 7, Baoji City accounted for two, accounting for two Xianyang City, a Korean city of Tongchuan City, Yangling Demonstration Zone and the New West Ham is not problem found.

More units found the problem, companies of "scattered dirt," the one, accounting for 5%; industrial pollution prevention and control 10, accounting for 50%; a coal-fired boiler renovation, accounting for 5%; comprehensive management of dust 1 , accounting for 5%; complaints 4, accounting for 20%; at three open burning control, accounting for 15%.

4, the combustion system modulating bidirectional

Specification of boiler originally designed for the fuel has a certain flexibility, different medium to outside influences the combustion process is different; regulation embodiment, with economizer and an air preheater, the boiler control exhaust emission temperature at a certain temperature range inside, can make full use of heat, but also to ensure the integrity of the structure and function of the relative device.

What is the water temperature control range of the small cyclone for hot water boiler? If it is chemically treated outside the pot, is there a requirement for the total hardness of the feed water?

Can be found in the above comparison, operating costs 10 tons of coal-fired boilers and gas boilers difference of 2 times (2.1-2.4 times), if only consider the price, the cost of natural gas feedstock is indeed expensive.