commercial sterilization steam boiler

A hot water boiler, the water returning mouth symmetrical design (double inlet) for quick connection installation; hot water boiler mechanical and electrical integration, compact size and reasonable transportation is very convenient. The top of the hot water boiler with a vent to the atmosphere, the interior is not under pressure, boiler work at atmospheric pressure, there is no risk of explosion, the complete elimination of security risks.

Third, the front valve block fault repair, to make safety measures

If a low nitrogen gas boiler valve fails and the supply line under aerobic conditions, then before disassembly and repair should be performed first turn off the main valve to prevent gas leakage, the valve guide and then the total length of tubing which valve It may be present in a gas vent, and then be able to disassemble and repair. But low nitrogen gas boiler manufacturers need to remind everyone that, even if the body has been emptied, but the pipe wall may still be residual gas or liquid gas ingredients, so making repairs when we must avoid spark or static electricity, in order to avoid unexpected .

Boiler in concept and requirements if there are unknown? In knowledge and learning to master the boiler, the following will be specifically related to their work, but also is something new for everyone by learning to make their own progress in their learning on the road, so you can make yourself benefited shallow, and there will be harvest. 1. condensing gas boiler in the boiler, what is its core technology? Condensing the gas boilers, their use of technology, and technology for condensing the two non-combustion technology. In the condensation technology, the main advantage is the ability to reduce heat loss caused by the combustion of fuel, to thermal energy absorption efficiency, thereby reducing emissions of harmful substances and produce, to avoid environmental pollution. And smokeless combustion technology, it is possible to reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxides, prevent acid rain and the greenhouse effect. 2. The high-pressure boiler tube boilers, the specific requirements? Boiler, high pressure boiler tube which it is used, on the properties, belonging to a seamless steel pipe. Therefore, in the manufacturing method, it is consistent with the seamless steel tube, but its steel requirements are very strict, because it is by its working environment in which to decide. General, is required to have high strength, and good resistance to oxidation and corrosion rust performance. And, can also durable.

After the meeting, accompanied by dealers to observe the company's leadership in the clean boiler laboratory, set comprehensive performance test platform (energy efficiency testing), the burner test platform, systematic energy saving technology and demonstrate real boiler room, Transfer Intensification testing center, centralized control system and other functions, the maximum test capacity of 40t / h, the maximum installed capacity of 40t / h, is to demonstrate, on a test basis technical research products, set in a comprehensive testing center.