China cws boilers factory

Wood fired china cws boilers factory Specification

Wood fired steam boiler: 2- 35 ton.

After installation and commissioning fast Boiler professional and technical personnel, two hot water china cws boilers factorys to provide our bodies quickly into the orbit of the normal operation. Meanwhile, the design of energy-saving equipment also effectively improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, saved us a huge amount of fuel costs. --customer feedback

1.4MW how much gas heating china cws boilers factory heating area: about heating area this one has been the focus of discussion, the 1.4MW gas heating boiler heating area how to calculate it Here we learn next to you on the exchange of gas boiler heating area by the main basis? the area belongs to which type, common main types, hotel, housing complex, office buildings and other buildings area, workshop, warehouse, storage rooms and other hospital areas of these projects, underground parking, large-scale transfer of library materials, these are the common areas such as a large grain reserve, and so many more not one by one example.

The combustion mechanism of the 100MW circulating fluidized bed china cws boilers factory (CFB) is to make the solid fuel fluid and make it liquid with the liquid flow property to fuel combustion. Can add lime or coal gangue sulphur removal, more environmentally friendly.Regarding the circulating fluidized bed boiler,the coal particle abrade to the boiler wear is more serious, the maintenance cost is generally quite high.