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Computing 0.7MW hot water china boilers high pressure expansion tank size and save coal: the boiler, first of all, let's ask a few questions, is: 0.7MW hot water boiler, which should be configured much expansion tank? And a pressure gauge on the boiler, it is strictly on the requirements? And a coal boiler to save, how to calculate? In addition, the heat supplied to the boiler, which areas are applicable? These questions are important sites on the boiler products, so, let's give a specific answer. 1.0.7MW hot water boiler, which is on the expansion tank configuration, how much? 0.7MW hot water boiler, which is arranged on Pengzhan tank, need to be calculated in order to obtain specific numerical values. Generally, if the conventional situation, in which the particular value is about 3 tons, more appropriate, and also good. Because the specifications of the boiler, the number of its hot water produced per hour, and is within the range of 10-15 tons.

Three significance of using condensing Boiler

Condensing boiler, as a kind of necessary equipment used by many enterprises, has been favored and respected by users because of its outstanding advantages such as advanced condensation replacement technology, intelligent control mode and high energy efficiency in the production process. Equipment supplied by condensing boiler manufacturers in stock has become increasingly popular in recent years, because users not only see the advantages of their equipment, but also become more aware of the significance of using condensing boilers. In particular, they are reflected in the following three levels:

1. For enterprises to improve energy efficiency condensing boilers because of the use of domestic leading all-condensing heat transfer technology, the use of all-imported accessories in the equipment, while maximizing the benefits for enterprises, but also improve energy efficiency, using pure imported parts and components. Its quality is more guaranteed, and the rate of return repair is lower, so it saves a lot of maintenance cost and reduces the failure rate of equipment.

2. Energy-saving and emission reduction, and for the benefit of the society, condensing boiler equipment is increasingly recognized by enterprises and government departments because of its good energy-saving and emission-reducing effects. With the increasingly serious global air pollution, the country pays more attention to environmental protection indicators. The emergence of condensing boilers has solved this problem for the society for enterprises. With its continuous application and popularization, air pollution can be effectively alleviated, and it is also of great positive significance to human beings.

3, conducive to the continuous innovation of boiler industry condensing boiler use scope gradually expanded, in order to meet the different individual needs of more users, condensing equipment manufacturers must increase research and development efforts, Continuous reform and innovation to introduce more competitive advantage of new products to meet the rigid needs of the market.

Boiler maintenance electrical precautions electric china boilers high pressure in addition to strictly purchase, use also requires practices, so as to avoid danger to the person. So how does it perform maintenance? Here to tell you about it a few precautions when maintenance: 1, electric boiler maintenance, must cut off the power, pressure relief. 2, the burner every two months to be removed from the electric boiler, carefully remove foreign bodies such as dust and soot. Photocell light-receiving surface wipe once a month, fuel filter should always be kept clean and filtering capabilities; carefully clean the filter in the pump, do not break the seal. Oil-burner not idle, so as not to damage the pump. 3, the water level gauge should always be kept clean, rinse the purge valve is opened, the water level in order to ensure a clear day. 4, pulling the safety valve once a day, to prevent rusting failure. These are electric boilers attention when maintenance issues related to the introduction, in addition, we want to mention is that after the work is completed, to check whether the tools, materials, complete accessories, such as to prevent left in the furnace space inside. Someone delisted before leaving the job site after acceptance, and then do the maintenance records, to prepare for subsequent queries. Hope that the text content can be helpful to you, regular maintenance can extend the life of electric boiler.

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