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Reference for matching based on coal-fired boiler maker company opportunity around jhbs for SMEs Many SMEs in matching coal-fired boiler will always encounter do not know how to judge its quality of authenticity Di distress, then, Eastern Machinery As a person in charge Di manufacturer, special summarize three elements for each business owner a reasonable option. 1, first the amount of evaporation, the capacity of the boiler should be close to the maximum amount of steam produced or with heat. Preferably, the amount of steam production is about 80% of the rated boiler evaporation. Because the loss of pipe, boiler scale, soot and so will cause the boiler deviates from the ideal operating conditions such as. The need for additional reminder, evaporation is the evaporation of the boiler plate under pressure, while some foreign boiler that evaporation is zero amount of evaporation reduction, the actual boiler output vary greatly. 2, when the feed water temperature is the same evaporation plate, boiler feed water has a temperature of 20 ℃, 60 ℃, 90 ℃, 100 ℃, 105 ℃ are five. Due to the high and low water temperature, the actual boiler evaporation will have a greater difference. For example: there is a large difference output 20 ℃ boiler output water temperature and water temperature of 100 deg.] C. 20 ℃ boiler output water temperature is 114% of the output water temperature of 100 deg.] C. 3, the pipe resistance rated steam pressure should be greater than the sum of the boiler plate steam supply pipe resistance and operating pressure needed for the production. Do not overlook the steam pipe resistance, due to its higher rated steam pressure saturated steam temperature is higher.

Hot water boiler maker company opportunity around jhb for heat is determined by the heating load. During the heating period of a time zone, the amount of circulating hot water boiler is constant, the temperature rise of the hot water boiler (for the difference between the temperature of the return water) that is reflected in the size of the boiler output (load), and therefore, the thermal regulation or control i.e., the temperature of the boiler water supply control or regulation of the boiler load. 2, rated working pressure: is the maximum allowable domestic water pressure under normal operating conditions, in MPa.

Boiler water circulation 1. theoretical value in the form of warm district heating system, a large flow of a low-temperature radiation heating, heating boiler maker company opportunity around jhb circulating water than conventional radiator heating system should be large, according to cell location and distribution of building floor height parameter, district heating pattern taken by the secondary heat exchanger system, to meet the overall cell mass and the heating effect. 2. The heating system of resistance along the pressure loss, the pressure loss of local resistance and other factors, and equipment to pipelines and fittings specification data calculating determined. When considering circulating pump selection. 3. In the secondary heat exchanger unit circulating pump selection should consider the flow rate, the pipe system resistance and lift the design parameters.

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