boiler in spinning mill

How can we achieve the best thermal efficiency of the boiler in spinning mill :( a) an air preheater. One of the effective measures to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler is the use of air preheater heat recovery. However, using the air preheater problem when using low sulfur fuel material prone to corrosion. In order to control such corrosion to some extent, how much fuel should be based on the sulfur content of the metal temperature a low-temperature region is set low limit. To this end, the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the air preheater also have a constraint. This can be determined to achieve a high thermal efficiency.

Young workers from Tianjin, said the training is very timely, went through the last heating period we have a lot of operational settings, fault verification, exclude doubt want to learn the skills, the training targeted and very practical, lecturer lectures easy to understand, is a rare and rewarding "charge" in the hope the group can fast side of this type of open class continue gone out of existence, we have a great need for such training.

The heating system of our country basically adopts the way of small boiler in spinning mill distributing heating, the boiler efficiency is low, the energy utilization rate is poor, the environment pollution is serious, and the choice with scale and site is more flexible, as well as less uncertain factors and less investment. The central heating of the regional boiler room with short construction cycle and rapid investment benefit can save fuel and improve the utilization rate of energy. Central heating in regional boiler room is a kind of centralized heating mode in which high efficiency and large capacity boilers are used instead of scattered small boilers. Central heating is a way of heating from a large heat source to one or more large areas or industrial enterprises through a heating pipe network. It consists of a heat source, a heat network, and a Hot user composition.

So in the context of this era, how did ZG boiler in spinning mill go through these 70 years? How do you plan to become a century-old company?