2014 hot sales wns steam boiler with burner

How to tell boiler manufacturers boiler quality is good or bad: With the weather getting colder, heating gradually heating on the agenda of major companies and enterprises mention. Boiler provided as a heat source device, a heating means essential. Which brand of boiler easy to use it? Which has a comprehensive after-sales service it? Faced with numerous boiler brands on the market, I believe we will be very confused. Today, Xiao Bian invited to fast boiler boiler professional consultant, to answer for how to choose the boiler manufacturers and products.

Boiler operation common accident which 1) boiler water boiler severe water shortages will cause pressure components deformation and damage, explosion or even furnace tube, if not handled properly boiler explosion may occur when the boiler water found water should be prohibited, and to take urgent measures to shutdown. most causes of the accident with water boiler operators and misuse related to lax paralysis, or the water table due to the non-clogging rinse measures related failures. (2) Priming Teng priming features are: water table level volatility, boiler water foaming, with a large amount of water steam, the steam temperature is lowered, a serious impact occurs in the water conduit is the main reason for this situation: poor water quality, salt is too high or too fast increasing boiler load and the like. priming found necessary to strengthen and increase the continuous sewage water treatment. (3) boiler overpressure. overpressure boiler operation, ranging element is deformed, damaged at side continued ; severe cases can cause an explosion accident occurred mainly due to boiler overpressure is: fireman who blindly increase the working pressure or trespassing caused from work sometimes, due to the pressure gauge and relief valve malfunction at the same time also. Boiler overpressure caused. Therefore, we must strengthen fireman personal responsibility and safety inspections of the attachments. (4) blast furnace tube when the tube blast furnace, a significant explosions, the sound of jet steam, while the water level and steam pressure was significantly the decline where they are found, action must be taken to an emergency shutdown general reason for this situation is: poor water quality caused by the furnace tube fouling or corrosion; water and burst pipes may also reinforce each other; in addition, because of the design defects, lack of material strength and poor weld quality, are likely to cause tube rupture.

How to effectively reduce the degree of corrosion of hot water boilers used boiler users know, a long time hot water boiler, it will produce corrosion conditions, which had a great impact on the life of the boiler. So how can we reduce the degree of corrosion of hot water boiler of it? The following describes the hope that everyone has to help. 1, the installation is arranged in the exhaust system of exhaust hot water boiler, a hot water boiler beneficial to exclude air and hot water system precipitates from the water by heating the gas, so that oxygen reduces corrosion. 2, water supply oxygen: when the hot water boiler is greater than 4.2MW rated power, the water should be oxygen; water boiler rated power of less than 4.2 should be oxygen. 3, controlling the PH value of the hot water boiler: the hot water boiler furnace PH is controlled between 10 to 12 so that it can form a protective film on the surface of the metal, to avoid the occurrence of oxygen corrosion. Corrosion great threat to the safe operation of the hot water boiler, and even affect the length of life of the boiler. Prevention hot water boiler heating surface corrosion and increase the length of time such as the use of boiler, the boiler management has become an important aspect. With the above measures oxygen corrosion problems can occur for hot water boiler heating surface play an effective prevention and mitigation, in order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Since the Shanxi provincial government issued "on the issuance of the People's Government of Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province to win the Battle of Blue Sky's three-year action plan", cities are actively responding to priorities and deployment. Jiexiu municipal government related departments have carried out remediation phase out coal-fired boilers.

Future, Jiexiu City departments should fully understand the situation of air pollution prevention and control of the seriousness and urgency of initiatives to further strengthen the work, work harder to accelerate the phase-out of coal-fired boilers; comprehensive investigation to the use of coal-fired boilers, find out coal-fired boiler unit, boiler type and capacity, device status, etc. and establish a sound accounting boiler, cleaning up coal-fired boiler plant are out of range, so that base clear, the situation is clear, should be eliminated to make sure that eliminated; to clear objectives and tasks , responsible units, measures, in accordance with the time node in an orderly way, and effectively perform their duties, earnestly implement the clean alternative heat sources, the removal of coal-fired boiler with a new energy escorts to carry out work at the same time; to actively coordinate electricity, gas sector, as coal-fired boiler users to implement clean energy transformation provides safeguards to ensure that coal-fired boilers out of the objectives and tasks completed on schedule, and improve urban air quality, and gradually improve the quality of life of the masses.