waste heat central heating boiler

Boiler combustion control means cleaner laboratory with international advanced level, providing a basis for disciplinary heat pipe, clean-burning and other high-tech research platform; companies were and Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Zhengzhou University made a research on the butt fruitful results, the establishment of academician workstation will also accelerate the development of research projects in progress. Academician work to build cooperation, a new attempt is made to fast-party innovation and the experts and scholars. Chen Yuanshi in the field of heat transfer possession international cutting-edge technology, low nitrogen emissions and thermal efficiency levels will help to effectively integrate fast waste heat central heating boiler products, making deep plowing in the field of two decades of clean-burning party has once again usher in faster technological breakthroughs opportunity for development, so that the right to speak technology Group in the boiler industry can be long-term stability.

Classification gas steam waste heat central heating boiler in accordance with the fuel gas steam boiler steam boiler can be divided into natural gas, city gas steam boiler, a steam boiler coke oven gas, LPG and steam boiler; according to the structure can be divided into vertical and horizontal steam boiler steam boiler .

Buy gas waste heat central heating boiler boiler manufacturers to pay attention to what is undeniable, professional gas boiler for many years to maintain the excellent quality but also allows more users start using it had a greater interest, at the same time it led people to identify the quality of the gas boiler become more care and attention. However, if we find the right gas boiler equipment is required at the time of purchase to focus on the following aspects. 1, in fact, concerned about the quality of boilers in most cases, the user has a certain thinking skills at the time of purchase safe and reliable gas boiler plant will first focus on one aspect of quality is its boiler, and this can be provided from the merchant's product information honor and out in a good evaluation, on the other hand has a gas boiler performance characteristics and core technology can reflect the intuitive quality is excellent. 2, attention to boiler cost can be sure that one aspect of the cost of gas boiler is also in the purchase should focus, because of the high cost of boiler equipment must be both excellent quality and affordable price advantages of these two features, and benefits of such a choice is not only allows users to feel the real value for money, but also to avoid the gas boiler users how many of these problems than expensive coal-fired generating more questions. 3, focus on customer word of mouth In addition, everyone in the choice of a good gas boiler Shihai should refer to previous customers' specific evaluation of this device, and the content can actually get access to the boiler brand's official website, then we can by true evaluation of these past clients to professional boiler equipment for gas, easy to use, and security and other aspects of embodied get a comprehensive understanding of, and then also be able to find a better reputation boiler equipment as soon as possible. All in all, from several aspects described above, start selecting a better quality of the gas boiler equipment is also relatively more practical approach, of course, worth to learn and use. But apart from these, the better choice for such a device should also be oven gas boiler which brand good or good is what manufacturers and other problems.

Henan burner safety control requirements two gas waste heat central heating boiler 1, the boiler burner gas Henan Henan power protection gas boiler burner sudden power failure during operation, must be immediately cut off the supply of natural gas to protect the security device. Gas control solenoid valve must be normally closed, power down, automatically cut off the gas supply. Solenoid valve closing response time ≤5s. 2, Henan measures gas boiler gas burner preventing leakage of gas leakage accidents include two aspects, it refers to a gas leakage into the environment, for the finger furnace gas leakage through the line by the solenoid valve spool end. Environmental leaks can cause poisoning, work-site explosion, must attach great importance. First make sure tubing sealed, regular pipeline leak detection, pipeline leak to be ruled out if the can continue to use; secondly, to avoid the concentration of gas poisoning and explosion, requiring the work site is well ventilated: Configure permanent vents and forced ventilation means; Further, requires work site prohibit fireworks, explosion-proof electrical parts. Furnace furnace leak could cause an explosion. There are three ways to solve the leakage problem furnace: First, strengthen hair and the amount of pre-blowing time, or blowing furnace gas dilution; Second gas line using two series arrangement of a solenoid valve, to improve system security; Third line using leak detection means for detecting the gas line before ignition, gas leakage if a certain amount of work and lock the burner. Gas leak prevention measures is a peripheral control, are generally not included burner body control.