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Industrial transformation of the new boiler room boiler hot water boiler how the layout? With increasingly stringent national environmental regulations, the transformation of the work carried out by the boiler is in full swing, many areas of industrial coal-fired boilers have carried out a new energy transformation in accordance with the regulations, which, like the boiler running time longer, the aging serious parts, renovation the cost is too high, you have to consider the removal of the transformation of the boiler, new boiler, below, small series industrial hot water boilers, for example, to share with you the new industrial boilers, boiler room should be how the layout? (1) closer to the heat load relatively concentrated areas, in order to set up a reasonable pipeline, reduce heat loss in the pipeline, and unnecessary cost consumption. (2) To facilitate the delivery of fuel, the fuel supply to close. (3) According to the overall planning of industrial enterprises, from considering the long-term significance, nor convenient moment alone, without regard to the long-term needs. (4) during the layout, to meet national security requirements, make full use of waste heat, carefully protecting the environment. In short, the transformation of the boiler in the boiler room layout is reasonable enough can make operating costs during operation of the boiler there is a certain thrift, in any case to choose, high operating efficiency, and ensure safe, low-cost operation, every business and other part of factors to consider public institutions to, so that effective and rational better.

Chinese wine culture has a long history, wine blend. In the process of making wine, almost all wine prices are inseparable from the brewing process steam, we can say the stability and quality of steam purity of the wine production plays a decisive role. Lefort Wine has been committed to producing high-quality wine products, December 2016 No. 1, Lefort wine and I signed a one 4 tons of steam condensing steam boiler economizer new brand boilers, the company continues to provide high-quality wine work steam.

Measures: stop boiler operation, the safety valve closed valve. Purge or replace the check valve by urban quality inspection departments.

Operation of the gas boiler module heat loss in the daily application module gas boiler, heat loss is hard to avoid a waste. Today, as we resolve several major heat loss approach, together with an effective solution to reduce heat loss. First, the furnace heat loss is typically the surface temperature of the furnace should not exceed the ambient air temperature 50 ℃. When gas boiler operation, the surface temperature of the furnace wall, steel, pipes and other accessories than the ambient temperature is high, the outside surface of the heat furnace at this time. The larger outer surface area of ​​the furnace, the insulation performance worse, the greater the heat dissipation. This usually used to solve a more effective insulation material to reduce heat loss to outside the furnace. Second, the mechanical loss of incomplete combustion heat boiler mechanical incomplete combustion heat loss, which is a major heat loss of the gas boiler module. However, in a boiler burning solid material discharged with the flue gas and ash out of the fly ash, are not burn fuel containing carbon particles and correction. These unburned solid fuel reservoir by some mechanical heat boiler is called incomplete combustion gas heat loss. Gas boiler module will also there are cases, such as insufficient combustion boiler fuel, and exhaust gas discharged with the waste. Third, the heat loss of some other component of the gas boiler flue gas heat absorbing side, and the other surface is cooled by water or air. And heat water or air can not back away gas boiler system applications, thereby resulting in the cooling heat loss of the gas boiler. Three heat loss size and the amount of excess air about how much. Excess air coefficient is too large, heat losses will increase, but the chemical incomplete combustion and heat loss of mechanical incomplete combustion but correspondingly reduced loss. Conversely, if the excess air coefficient is reduced, while reducing heat losses, but incomplete combustion chemical mechanical heat loss and incomplete packets lose heat increases.