hot water boiler not firing up

I do not know whether you need to configure water tube boiler induced draft fan?

Water-tube boilers are arranged in longitudinal double drum, the whole membrane wall, D-type natural circulation furnace, a slight positive pressure of combustion steam boiler, the upper and lower drum φ900 / φ700 boiler is on the left, are welded between the upper and lower drum φ51 × 3 is composed of high-quality seamless convection bank, a combustion chamber is the right set of upper and lower boxes and φ159 φ51 × membrane wall 4 thereof.

Third, small footprint

Coal-fired boilers need to open up space for a large number of coal resources stored in advance.

Fang Group R & D center was officially opened fast approaching New Year party quickly ushered in a large group wedding - R & D Center was officially launched. VIP dealers from Beijing, Tianjin, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang invited to participate in the ribbon-cutting activities.

The advantages of low nitrogen boiler What? Low nitrogen boiler we use today is based on the original boiler on a certain transformation, and improved some of these features in order to play a role in protecting the environment, which is a favorite one of the main reasons to use this product, it also has many other advantages. Specifically, the advantages of low nitrogen boiler includes the following aspects. First, a low nitrogen environment for low emissions of nitrogen boiler, the experts of its special structure design and generally used are back structure can be made by mixing the fuel inside the furnace can be designed in such a furnace to obtain a sufficiently without any residual combustion, and therefore a certain energy-saving effect. At the same time a low nitrogen boiler flue gas also uses advanced technologies such as an outer loop, which effectively enables the NOX emissions decreased significantly and to achieve the following standard protection of the environment. Second, the heat transfer efficiency in which a low nitrogen boiler combustion process is started, the generated heat can be transmitted very efficient, because a very good thermal conductivity resulting in a lot of heat is not wasted in the middle. This is because the experts to be able to step closer to a more efficient use of energy and the use of new technology equipment installation and manufacturing process of the product in overcoming some of the problems of heat conduction terms before, a professional low nitrogen boiler manufacturers emphasize this to optimize heat transfer effects and improve performance in this area and reduces the cost of the boiler to some extent. Third, high-quality casting material for low nitrogen boiler, if the premise can maintain stable performance long service life is much lower cost can be saved. Therefore, for regular manufacturers of low-nitrogen boiler using very high quality casting material in which the manufacturing process, it is possible to ensure a long service life, in particular pipes made of a material very good very strong and durable to heat will not be long-term and a gap, which can ensure a long time use. These are the aspects of the advantages of low nitrogen boiler included, in addition, it also has a key start-stop function, simple operation can bring great security. Imports of low nitrogen boiler burner manufacturers emphasize especially among modern equipment in many cases the use of automation and control, so now the low nitrogen boiler also introduced this technology, so that manipulation can be very easy to complete the operation of the boiler and is not easy to have caused the problem and to ensure its stable performance of the play.