delicate processing atmospheric steam boiler

During installation, the technical team fast boiler plant according to the specific needs of our environment, our rational arrangement of stacks, pipes, and other auxiliary equipment, let us bring a lot of convenience in the latter part of the course. Fang fast responsible attitude also gives us impressed, sent a technical team for installation, commissioning and training to us, let us rest assured, peace of mind, peace of mind. --customer feedback

In chemical industry, it primarily relies on natural gas as the fuel of industrial boilers, and it also makes use of diverse chemical by products that can be used as fuel, such as hydrogen or other process or vent gases. ZG Boiler is the industrial delicate processing atmospheric steam boilers manufacturer in China and we mainly has two types natural gas steam boiler for customers to choose, they are fire tube steam boiler and water tube steam boiler.

How do gas-fired delicate processing atmospheric steam boilers need to be maintained when they are not in use?

Nowadays, the use of gas-fired steam boiler has become more and more frequent, and the boilers all over the country have changed the use of gas-fired boiler with each passing day. Although the domestic professional gas-fired steam boiler is stable in operation and less energy-saving and consumption-reducing in sewage discharge, it is necessary to use proper maintenance in the case of long-term non-use in order to carry out normal use. Specific gas-fired steam boiler maintenance methods in the case of not in use and see below for detailed analysis of the following:

1: dry maintenance of gas-fired steam boilers should remove the boiler water after shutdown, and then thoroughly remove and rinse the dirt from the interior. And keep the oven dry so as not to be seduced. You can dry the chamber with a light fire, but not with a fire. Also be careful to close all hand-hole piping valves and place the quicklime tray in the drum. Check the boiler at least three months without using a gas-fired steam boiler for a long time. If the quicklime in the chamber is crushed into powder, the new lime needs to be replaced immediately to ensure that the drying protection in the furnace of the gas steam cooker is not corroded by moisture.

2: in addition to dry maintenance, wet maintenance of gas-fired steam boilers can also be done by means of wet maintenance, which is to remove internal dirt after discharging the water in the furnace, and to fill the chamber with treated water and then heat it to the required temperature. The gas in the water is then discharged out of the furnace and all valves are closed. In this way, the furnace is filled with water to complete maintenance. Of course, wet maintenance should not be used in cold weather to prevent water icing and damage to the tank. It can be seen that the gas-fired steam boiler in the case of not in use is mainly dry and wet method of maintenance, which kind of specific use Maintenance method according to different site and climate conditions to make flexible choice.

Kunming chemical gas delicate processing atmospheric steam boiler how much the price of gas chemical plant in Kunming steam boiler price how much? Currently, steam boilers used chemical plant in Kunming basic fuel is a gas. Previous coal-fired steam boiler gradually eliminated. For chemical plants, because government subsidies, Kunming, local enterprises or the burden of purchasing gas boiler steam boiler that will be much smaller. Recently, there is a chemical plant Kunming to fast boiler advice to purchase a gas steam boiler, which for the enterprise, is the result of many pre-contrast, only consult to us boiler manufacturers. For businesses, the purchase price for the boiler is very concerned about. In this regard, fast boiler for the actual situation of the chemical plant in Kunming understanding, concluded that the plant with a gas steam boiler 4 tons is possible. At present, the boiler model price is about 500,000.