ceramic water boiler manufacturers

Recently, Shaanxi Province issued a notice "issued four Battle 2019 program of work". Programs that: improve the mechanism of heating prices, heating prices reasonable development of clean, green electricity implement ultra-low emissions coal-fired power plants, a comprehensive clean canceled preferential tariff class of high energy-consuming industries unreasonable prices and other preferential policies. Off Area ban coal stove, substantially eliminated cogeneration heating pipe network coverage in the range of coal heated oven (furnace).

According to focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity, increase the proportion of electricity from coal. Increase Condensing units and cogeneration units technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe network construction, fully release and improve the heating capacity, eliminate coal-fired boilers and scattered inside the pipe network coverage. Actively implement alternative heat source, deadline for shutting down the Guanzhong area below 100,000 kilowatts thermoelectric ratio does not meet the national standard or alternative heat source thermal units. Optimal operation mode cogeneration units, strictly implement the "hot set electricity."

Compared to ordinary condensing boiler boiler more difficult to scale. Many boiler manufacturers in order to improve the heat transfer efficiency of the furnace, the heat exchanger and using very fine water pipe, combined with hard water, it is easy to form the pipe scale. Scale condensation pipe blockage likely to cause damage to the equipment, invisible to increase the post-maintenance costs of the boiler. Condensing furnace using premixed combustion technology, a large pipe is arranged a system of channels, the structure is not easy to water, thus condensing boiler less demanding on water quality.

Electric steam boilers use electricity as an energy source for electricity price subsidies or able to provide their own power generation business units. The use of electricity as an energy source, the obvious advantage is not worried about the pollution emissions.

Commercial Fast side condensing gas hot ceramic water boiler manufacturers, using a variety of high-tech innovations, such as wings tube, a condenser, a premix, of FGR combustion technology, and the like. In thermal efficiency, footprint, energy saving and environmental protection has a significant degree of break, up to 108% of ultra-high thermal efficiency; 20% -40% reduction in footprint compared with ordinary gas hot water boiler (more suitable for shopping malls, hotels, schools, entertainment venues and other infrastructure boiler room area smaller place); emissions of nitrogen oxide emission standards in China is lower than the atmospheric pollution (nitrogen oxides <30 mg / cubic meter), our first-tier cities to meet stringent emission standards for the wider!