boilers for indoor pool

Check the contents of the auxiliary boilers for indoor pool operation:? 1 fan: Manhole closed tightly, the bearing temperature indicates the correct temperature <70 ℃, front and rear bearings normal oil level 1 / 2-2 / 3, bearing oil level is normal, backwater normal, return water temperature <40 ℃, shaft vibration <0.1MM, string axis <2 --- 4MM, the normal rotation of the fan, without friction, abnormal sound, no smell. 2, the motor Motor no loose anchor bolts, screws shroud wheel well, firm ground line, front and rear bearings normal oil level, the oil level gauge clarity, good oil, bearing temperature <70 ℃, motor temperature <100 ℃ motor shaft shock <0.1MM, string axis <2 --- 4MM, the normal rotation of the motor, no friction investigation, different tone. 3, the baffle: an inlet baffle adjustment operation flexibility, good link is coupled with the actuator, indicative of the correct scale, the local switch - remote control - the position of the outlet shutter flexible movement of the link mechanism is coupled perform well, indicating proper scale , local switch, the - remote control - the position of 1 / 2-2 / 3.4, petrol stations normal oil tank, good oil, hydraulic oil pressure adjusting 2.5-3.5MPA leakage of hydraulic oil oil oil return to normal, lubricants 0.4 --- 0.5MPA filter differential pressure <0.05MPA, lubricating oil normally adequate oil return, the system no oil, the cooling water flow, normal tap water, the return temperature <40 ℃. 5, the bearing housing normal oil level, oil well, a temperature of <60 ℃.

The party hot water boilers for indoor pool output fast enough to provide high efficiency, give us save a lot of fuel costs, and exhaust gas discharged tested in full compliance with environmental regulations on emissions of air pollutants in Henan Province. Fast boiler responsible attitude also left us with a deep impression, overhaul maintenance problems for a number of aspects of boiler operation and post, sent a very professional technical staff and our butt, fireman guide our people, for the quick sale of party, we are also very satisfied. --customer feedback

In the long term, the use of gas-fired boilers for indoor pool or to replace coal-fired boilers to gas boilers are the sooner the better.

Third, security

Through research, ZG boilers for indoor pool can produce waste heat boilers in different industries. hazardous waste and medical waste incineration waste heat boiler refer to waste heat boilers that match the hazardous waste, medical waste and other garbage differentiation equipment, and use the waste incineration equipment to export the flue gas heat to generate the rated parameter steam. The hazardous waste heat-heat boilers and medical waste heat-heat boilers developed by ZG boiler mainly have two types of water pipes and smoke pipes. According to the characteristics of the waste treatment process, the waste heat boiler plays a very important role in preventing the formation of dioxin-like harmful substances, and the waste heat boiler has good adaptability to waste incineration flue gas. After absorbing the advantages of similar boilers abroad, the patent-type waste heat boiler independently developed by Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. is the first in China, with novel and unique structure and excellent economic performance. This series of products has obtained national patents and can produce boilers with rated evaporation of 1-35t/h and rated steam pressure of 0.5-3.82MPa.