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Henan burner safety control requirements of a gas-fired boiler components manufacturing company 1, Henan gas boiler burner gas pressure low limit protection Henan gas boiler burner stable combustion has a certain range, allowing only gas pressure fluctuations within a certain range. Object defining high and low pressure gas is to ensure flame stability: not from the fire, flame does not tempered, while defining thermal power output of the burner, to ensure safe operation of the device. When the gas pressure exceeds this range, the work should be locked burner. Usually a gas burner design pressure switch sensing pressure signal, and outputs a switch signal for controlling the burner of the corresponding work. 2, Henan gas boiler burner air pressure is less than maximum design thermal strength protective Henan gas boiler burner, which uses combustion blower compulsory. If the fan failure caused by lack of air or air interruption, immediately cut off the gas, deflagration or otherwise tempering furnace blower to occur. Thus, while improving the quality of the fan, gas control to be linked with the air pressure, when there is insufficient air pressure, immediately cut off the gas supply. Usually gas pressure switch senses the air pressure signal, and outputs a switch signal to the respective operation control of the gas solenoid valve.

Condensing boiler components manufacturing company is to adopt a new type of modern scientific research and technology - technology of condensing boiler, condensing boiler This technology will open with the traditional distinction boiler, the boiler can increase heat absorption, with high thermal efficiency to a large extent.

Anyang City Children's Welfare Institute, director of the other fast condolences Group thanked welfare Xiqianxinzhi just for my company still insisted to visit the children feel very warm and happy. Fang Group, as a caring corporate fast, for five consecutive years of uninterrupted adhere to visit the orphanage children, and brought them all kinds of necessities and school supplies to children's lives to bring a dash of color.

Different types of gas steam boiler components manufacturing company structure and technical characteristics: Boiler manufacturing industry gradually been improved and developed in trial and error, now on the market boiler, gas steam boiler classification clear, but many users new to the boiler for the boiler structure and technical characteristics less clear, fast boiler for your brief gas steam boiler several representative.