2 ton hr steam boiler tekanan tinggi

The key reason for the increased demand of low nitrogen use as boiler heating boiler is now an increasing demand not only need to achieve a more efficient heating need to be based on environmentally friendly low-power to carry out, but apparently effective, low nitrogen boiler in line with this it requires a substantial increase in overall market demand, it has become one of today's broad audience boiler combustion category. First, the significance of environmental protection higher value and better combustion to meet emission standards will inevitably lead to de facto combustion process in boilers, combustion and how to ensure less pollution to the environment, now more in line with the state environmental protection agency emissions standards requirements, should obviously important consideration in the boiler during use, excellent reputation low nitrogen boiler flue gas by using an outer loop, premix combustion surface of the core technologies, fundamentally better ensure low nitrogen use environmentally friendly boiler further implementation, begin to generate a higher acceptance of low nitrogen boiler more to the basic requirements of environmental protection, in particular, rely on the transformation of low nitrogen Xi'an boiler, it is better able to ensure that the actual production and the reduction of combustion standard environmental requirements more consistent. Second, the combustion efficiency is more secure cast-dependent effect of low nitrogen boiler efficiency condenser through a combination of highly efficient high-end threaded pipe and other technology equipment, fundamentally better meet the needs of heat transfer, which further promote the effective a substantial increase in heat transfer performance of low nitrogen boiler, effectively achieve the complete realization of high heat demand on the basis of cost. Apparently low nitrogen into the heating boiler modern technology, fundamentally better meet the high standards of production now, truly cost-effective production needs, providing increased protection of the premise for its comprehensive usage basis. Based on the above two points is easy to see well-known brands of low nitrogen boiler reason why in recent years to increase overall demand on the fundamental contents of its significant advantages are inseparable, rely on new manufacturing process to meet the more comprehensive system of efficient use of implementation to ensure the realization of the production environment optimization is really required to achieve the basic conditions for modern production and environmental standards, will become the mainstream way of heating boiler.

Gas hot water boiler and condenser Fire Reference Standard installation position: gas hot water boiler, which is on the difficult problems associated, so far, if we have all the knowledge and understanding? The moment, the answer is NO, that is, has not yet reached this level, so the following will be question and answer form, so that we have a good learning outcomes, and thus, achieve mastery of knowledge and flexibility in the use . 1. gas hot water boiler, this particular aspect of their fire, which standards or specifications should refer to? Gas hot water boiler this kind of boiler, which in this particular aspect of the fire, it should reference the standards or specifications for "boiler room design specifications" and "building design for fire protection" Both, moreover, are very important, therefore, indispensable. And is to be strictly enforced, can not have the slightest careless and lax. 2. open baths, gas boilers can use it? Its running time of the day, is determined by what? Open baths, which is a gas boiler may be used, and, in the particular type of gas boiler, a gas may be three water boilers, hot water boilers and gas gas 2 ton hr steam boiler tekanan tinggi. The gas boiler run time of day, mainly to see the specific purpose and mode of operation of the boiler, because, by two to decide.

Recently, the letters and the ecological environment unit, the letter of "boiler air pollutant emission standards" in the "gas boiler exhaust pipe predetermined height of not less than 8 meters, within 200 meters from the building around the radius of the new boiler room chimney when was the tallest building in which the chimney should be higher than 3 meters "requirement questions.

First, the new urban gas boiler chimney should be performed outside the specified height is 3 meters above the surrounding buildings (there are many communities within 200 meters around the building height higher)?

Second, on the 20t / h steam boiler and above, and more than 14MW hot water boiler to be installed pollution-line monitoring equipment, this means that a single 14MW boiler or boiler means the total audience of 14MW?

Third, for example, I have more than 2MW heating station natural gas hot water boiler 7 units, exhaust gas through the two exhaust pipe emissions, the need to install pollution monitoring equipment?

A "boiler air pollutant emission standards" (GB13271-2014) states that "fuel, gas boiler stack height of not less than 8 m, particularly boiler stack height is determined by the EIA document approved. Chimney around the new boiler room when there is a building within a radius of 200 meters, the tallest building in which the chimney should be higher than 3 meters. when there is a building within 200 meters around the new boiler house chimney radius, "according to the provisions in the new urban area gas boiler should be implemented", the chimney should be higher than the provisions of the tallest buildings in more than 3 meters, "the.

Two, 20t / h steam boiler and above, 14MW and more hot water boiler must be installed in the line monitoring apparatus contaminants "14MW and more hot water boiler" means a single boiler.

Third, on the "exhaust gas through the two exhaust pipe emissions, the need to install pollution monitoring equipment" problem, according to "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law" Article 24 "key sewage units should be installed, using air pollutant emissions automatic monitoring equipment, and environmental protection departments to monitor network devices, monitoring equipment to ensure the normal operation of public and emissions information in accordance with law. "provisions, as well as the" State Council on the issuance of three-year action plan to win the blue sky to defend the notice "(Guo Fa [2018 ] No. 22) "outfall height of over 45 meters of elevated source, as well as petrochemicals, chemicals, packaging, printing, painting and other VOCs emissions from industrial sources focus, the focus of sewage into the Directory of key areas should be basically completed by the end of 2019 to install flue gas automatic monitoring facilities, the country should be basically completed by the end of 2020 the automatic installation of flue gas monitoring facilities. "requirements, if the exhaust pipe where the company was listed as key units of sewage, flue gas monitoring facilities should be installed automatically, otherwise, no installation.

Design requirements for flue of fuel gas boiler roomThe flue should be straight, airtight, less accessories and less resistance, horizontal flue should be laid to maintain more than 1% of the head-up arrangement, as far as possible to avoid the layout along the slope. 2. The flue and chimney of the fuel gas boiler room shall be constructed of steel or reinforced concrete, and the lowest point of the flue and chimney shall be provided with water sealed air and water drainage pipes. 3. The steel plate thickness of metal flue is generally 4-6 mm. When designing the flue, it should be equipped with sufficient reinforcement ribs to ensure the strength and stiffness requirements. 4. The thermal expansion of the flue should be compensated, the compensation amount should be calculated and the correct selection should be made. 5. Heat preservation measures and reliability of steel flue The fixation of the. 6. A boiler corresponding to a chimney should be used in a fuel-fired boiler room. When several boilers are required to share a flue or chimney, the ventilation and suction force of each boiler should be balanced. 7. The necessary thermal and environmental measurement points should be installed in the proper location when the flue is arranged. A single oil-fired boiler with a rated evaporation capacity greater than or equal to 20t/h or a single rated thermal power greater than or equal to 14MW must be fitted with a fixed instrument for continuous monitoring of smoke and SO2 emission concentrations in flue gas. 8. Where smoke easily gathers, and when multiple boilers share a chimney or a total flue, each fuel gas Explosion-proof doors shall be installed on the flue after the boiler, and the position of the explosion-proof doors shall be conducive to pressure relief, and shall be located in a proper position not to endanger the safety of personnel and before turning, when the explosion gas may endanger the safety of the operator. Pressure relief guide tubes should be installed on the explosion-proof device. 9. For some boiler rooms with long flue, the resistance should be calculated and the corresponding blower and induced fan (when there are induced fans) should be selected in order to ensure the smokeless flow. 10. The chimney should consider the corresponding anti-corrosion measures, the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the chimney should be 15 ℃ higher than the dew point temperature of the flue gas, and when the exhaust temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the flue gas, effective measures should be taken to prevent it. The smoke is poured upside down.