traveling grate hot water boiler

Under the bad condition of the pipe network, the water supply rate of the system will rise, and the increase of the water supply will inevitably lead to the increase of the scale quantity, and the harm to the boiler will increase with the increase of the water supply rate of the system.

As a global boiler enterprise, Fangkuai Boiler attaches great importance to the opportunity of communication with customers. Therefore, we have set up a sales team of more than 100 people to visit customer units regularly to check the boiler operation status. Not only can timely search the customer's use feedback and boiler improvement opinions, provide a clearer development direction for equipment research and development, but also assist users in the testing and commissioning of boilers and maintenance work, full life cycle services, and solve customer cooperation projects. The problem is that nobody cares ".

FGR refers to flue gas recirculation techniques, by using external flue gas recirculation and the inner loop is provided, withdrawing part of flue mixed with the combustion air, and then into the furnace through a burner, not directly involved in the combustion, by reducing the flame temperature reached reducing combustion temperature and oxygen concentration effects, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing NOx generation. Second, a low nitrogen higher thermal efficiency of the boiler

Some countermeasures to improve chemical plant boiler water quality improvement in several countermeasures 1 boiler water chemical plant, chemical plant boiler water quality problems and establish water quality control management philosophy chemical plant boilers is a major threat to its production, despite the use of certain methods of treatment, However, in order to further enhance the effect, but also to establish water quality control management philosophy. By the presence of chemical plants for water testing boiler problems and the reasons of the above analysis shows that the degree of importance to business managers and related personnel are also a major cause of problems. Therefore, managers should set up advanced management concepts, to increase awareness of water quality testing. In addition, managers also through the development of appropriate norms or reward system and so on, to strengthen efforts to promote Japanese intensity of water quality testing work. Finally, it should also pay attention to carry out the training of relevant personnel, in particular, is to carry out training and training of inspectors in order to improve the quality of testing work to increase awareness of the importance of water quality and necessity. 2, focusing on the maintenance and repair of chemical plant chemical plant boiler boiler equipment is modern industrial production equipment used in the process is important, as some companies in the management process, do not pay attention to the maintenance of the boiler, which led to security problems occur . Thus, except a suitable treatment, but also to strengthen the maintenance and repair of boiler equipment. For example, the loss produced by the boiler to be timely repaired to ensure it is in the best condition. In addition, you should also update equipment. In addition, you should also do water treatment equipment inspection and installation work. More important is to deal with relevant personnel training to upgrade and improve the ability to regulate its operation, in order to improve the accuracy of operation of chemical plant boilers. 3. The water treatment using a sufficient boiler water quality monitoring and detection facilitate installation of the boiler water treatment testing phase, by knowing the water treatment equipment, the data capacity of the boiler feed water plants and water treatment equipment in the case where the local water quality and matched to give preliminary solutions. External boiler inspection and water quality monitoring can verify the normal operation of water treatment equipment, water quality standards, systems are in place. Process water treatment boiler operation is invisible, internal inspection of boiler water treatment effect is reflected in a certain stage of a unit, according to the scale, the standard composition, corrosion, directed distillation, as the next stage of water treatment an important reference.