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Food factory operating costs Steam Boiler: food plant steam operating cost power plant boiler wholesaler analysis, including the sum of the electricity, natural gas costs, demineralized water (dose), labor costs and other costs required for the principle of conservation of the energy, the thermal efficiency of the boiler calculation is running at full capacity 97.94% . (1) The natural gas fuel heating value: Qdw = 8500 kcal / Nm3 = consumption of natural gas production of 2 tons of steam heat (heat value gas boiler thermal efficiency x) = 2,60,104kCal / h (8500kCal / Nm, 97.94%), 144.1 nm / h, and then consider the practical use of heat loss of about 3.8%, such as heat and water. A = 144.1 / (1-3.8%) = Cost 149.75,150Nm3 / h of gas per hour is run B = 150nm / h, 4.387 yuan / Nm (Yantai Industrial gas prices) 658 yuan / hr.

During installation, the technical team fast power plant boiler wholesaler plant according to the specific needs of our environment, our rational arrangement of stacks, pipes, and other auxiliary equipment, let us bring a lot of convenience in the latter part of the course. Fang fast responsible attitude also gives us impressed, sent a technical team for installation, commissioning and training to us, let us rest assured, peace of mind, peace of mind. --customer feedback

In addition to an in-stock inventory of used 3 pass power plant boiler wholesalers, we offer firetube boiler customization to meet any specification. Firetube boilers can be shipped individually, on a packaged skid, or as complete “boiler in a box” solution. And as as a fully licensed General Contractor with divisions dedicated to every aspect of the boiler room inside and out, we are able to provide system design and engineering, concrete work, electrical services, process piping, and more to provide a total steam plant solution.

There are reasons for the importance of maintenance of industrial power plant boiler wholesaler maintenance which the importance of industrial boilers What are the reasons? Most businesses and industrial boilers is one of the important assets. They process energy production and other industries play a vital role. Boiler is a very valuable asset, require routine maintenance and repair. Boiler maintenance industry is so important a normal boiler maintenance procedures to help prevent an emergency shutdown. In the vast majority of most industrial facilities and equipment, the boiler equipment is often essential equipment. If the failure of the boiler, can stop all operation of the plant, to stop production, production efficiency, the plant losses. 2, routine maintenance of the boiler can improve the efficiency of the boiler. Boiler requires a huge fuel consumption rate maintenance operation. In order to reduce fuel and energy costs, increase production, the boiler needs to run as efficiently as possible. 3, regular maintenance and inspection of boilers, can greatly improve the life of the boiler. Boiler is a great corporate capital investment. No factories or refineries willing to buy a new boiler, because they do not conserve their old boilers. 4, regular maintenance helps prevent boiler system boiler accident. Security is a concern for all businesses and factories. Industrial boiler maintenance can help you safely detect and correct potential problems before the accident, to prevent the boiler related accidents. 5, certified boiler maintenance to save money. A recurring theme of good boiler maintenance, saving the company money. Such as avoiding downtime, increase productivity and efficiency, the boiler stable longer, to prevent accidents and so on. In a conventional boiler maintenance, inspection and maintenance, to help generate greater long-term return on investment. 6, to comply with local laws and regulations, the need for good boiler maintenance procedures. Good boiler maintenance is necessary for compliance with laws and regulations. Most cities and some of pot seized by the inspectors are legally required periodic inspection of the boiler. In order to meet emissions and safety standards in general, companies often take to maintain the boiler.