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What is important and what work boiler companies in chandigarh boiler body to be carried out every day? Boiler water and fire tube boilers, whether the advantages and disadvantages? Boiler operation, the specific work to be carried out every day what? And, in an important boiler and key components, what is? These are about the boiler, so the following to give a specific answer, and at the same time, so that we have a correct understanding of it, rather than have misconceptions. 1. Water and fire tube boilers, whether their advantages and disadvantages? Water and fire tube boilers, which are advantages and disadvantages, so, on this issue, the answer is yes. Advantage of water tube boilers, it is convenient for the heating surface is arranged, and the heat transfer performance. Thus, large capacity and high in available parameters of this condition, and the quality requirements of the operation, is relatively high. The fire-tube boiler, the advantage of simple structure, strong adaptability, but its water quality requirements, is much lower than water tube boilers.

2, fire tube boiler companies in chandigarhs

Fire tube furnace installation primarily burning furnace waterwall tubes from outside on the basis of a horizontal tempering.

Note that although the problem with the boiler companies in chandigarh with a new iteration generations of the product, its operation also become more and more intelligent operation Henan condensing gas boiler. However, some details of the system is still not resolved, and "boiler man" who, in practice the process of Henan condensing gas boiler must pay attention to these issues in order to avoid damage to the machine, even "boiler room disaster." 1, to ensure ventilation Henan condensing gas boiler 2 has sufficient oxygen gas pipeline leak valve 3, Henan condensing gas boiler furnace to open, after the shutdown, the need to ensure that the main steam valve 4 is closed, the first air supply pipe and the need to ensure points water emptying the cylinder, the valve slowly aspirated, to warm up the pipe to prevent water hammer 5, the initial points on the furnace must be maintained at 20% of the manual state to an automatic state switch 6 is prohibited, Henan condensing gas boiler feed duct the outlet, is strictly prohibited blocked and keep clean the outlet 7, the boiler need to ensure a pressure not less than 0.7mpa8, manually adjust the boiler firing rate, must be adjusted stepwise (at intervals of 10%) 9 boiler when the boiler when the failure occurs, pressure is lower than 0.4MPa, the steam temperature is lower than 150 °, the main steam valve must close again according to the operation procedure from the furnace.

Comfortable life of people is inseparable from the northern winter heating boiler companies in chandigarh, normal, stable heat source is vital to people's lives. But the attendant is an increasingly serious environmental pollution problems, the implementation of coal to gas policy without delay, using the gas hot water boiler is the general trend. In order to achieve green heating, the National Tourism Administration Service Center decided to phase out the existing coal-fired boilers, the introduction of clean and environmentally friendly gas hot water boiler. Fast boiler with their own strong comprehensive strength and rich experience in the heating industry cooperation gained the trust of the National Tourism Administration Service Center, and ultimately provide a vacuum hot water boiler (T6-2800 2 sets of 2.8MW by fast Boiler ).