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Flue gas fuel bangladesh boiler we shag design requirements 1) to be straight flue, air tightness, attachment and less resistance is small, the level of 1% or more to maintain the flue rise should be disposed laying down slope disposed avoided. 2) the fuel gas flue and the chimney of the boiler should be of steel or reinforced concrete construction, the lowest point of the flue and the chimney should be water-seal disposed condensate drains. 3) thickness of the metal plate is generally used flue 4 ~ 6mm, the flue design, should be sufficient arranged reinforcing ribs to ensure the strength and stiffness requirements. 4) thermal expansion of the flue should be compensated, the compensation amount to be calculated and the correct selection. 5) steel flue and reliable insulation measures should be fixed. 6) a fuel gas boiler should correspond to a chimney boiler, when the boiler by the conditions required to share a chimney flue or several, each boiler should be ventilated suction force balance. 7) arranged in a flue provided when necessary thermal and environmental measuring point measuring point in place. Single rated evaporation amount is equal to 20t / h or single thermal rating of greater than or equal 14MW oil-fired boiler, a fixed continuous monitoring smoke flue gas must be installed. S02 emission concentration of the instrument. 8) Where the flue gas is easy to assemble, and when more than one boiler or a total share a chimney flue shall be fitted with explosion-proof door on the flue after each fuel gas-fired boiler, the location of the vent should be conducive to relief, should be provided without jeopardizing personnel safety and proper position before turning, when explosive gas may endanger the safety of the operator, should be installed on the guide tube explosion relief means. 9) For some of the longer flue boiler room, they should be accounted for resistance, select the corresponding drum, induced draft fan (ID fan when there), in order to ensure the smooth flow of exhaust. 10) should be considered appropriate chimney anti-corrosion measures, chimney flue gas outlet temperature is preferably above the dew point of the flue gas temperature of 15 deg.] C; when the exhaust gas temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of flue gas, the flue gas should take effective measures to prevent the intrusion.

The Fangkuai Group's unique full-operating bangladesh boiler we shag operation laboratory has an annual operating cost of more than 5 million yuan, which can simulate the operating conditions of various types of boilers under multi-operating environment conditions. The laboratory provides technical tests such as test and inspection, analysis and evaluation, data evaluation, energy saving and environmental protection, and special software from materials to complete equipment, hardware to software, and even complex large systems.

Corrosion bangladesh boiler we shag water wall Analysis and Solution: For boilers, corrosion will directly or indirectly affect the life of the boiler. One of the main factors of high temperature corrosion of boiler water wall is seriously affecting the safe operation of the unit, solve the problem of water wall high temperature corrosion of boiler operation has a good long-term stability of the practical benefits. Many membrane wall by the rolled boiler water wall tube spot welding the fins to each other, making a combination heating surface sealing, can improve the air tightness of the furnace, reduced leakage, but also better protecting the furnace wall, the furnace wall reduce the weight, simplifying the structure.

hot water bangladesh boiler we shags of ZOZEN have sufficient output, high thermal efficiency,

safety and reliability, which are suitable for civil heating. This can help the