50 tph fir tube boiler iran

The problems existing in Fangkuai 50 tph fir tube boiler iran coal-fired coal are: 1, coal ash is more than 2, coal particles are uneven, 3, coal contains a large number of impurities, 4, coal calorific value is low, 5, combustion is not easy to ignite fire, 6, The moisture content in coal is uncertain. 7, coal is not easy to burn, slag carbon content is high. In general, it is best to use the designed coal or coal close to the designed coal to ensure stable combustion. In recent years, due to the increasing shortage of coal supply around the country and the diversification of coal supply, the quality of coal is much different from that of the previous coal types, and the stable combustion and normal combustion of boilers have been carried out. The operation of heating has a great impact. The influence of coal quality on boiler stable combustion: the heat generation of coal is an important index to reflect the quality of coal. When the heat generation of coal is low to a certain value, it will not only affect the combustion instability and completeness, but also cause the boiler to extinguish fire. The boiler outlet temperature is very difficult to reach the standard, affecting the normal operation. Volatile matter can be precipitated and burned at lower temperature. With the heat release of combustion, the temperature of coke particles increases rapidly, which provides extremely favorable conditions for ignition and combustion of coke particles. In addition, the release of volatiles increases the internal gap and external reaction area of coke, which is beneficial to increase the combustion rate of coke. Therefore, volatilization The larger the content of components is, the less the fixed carbon content in coal is, the more easy to burn pulverized coal, the more voids obtained from volatilization analysis, the larger the reaction surface area, and the faster the combustion reaction is. When the volatile content is reduced, the ignition temperature of pulverized coal airflow increases significantly, the ignition heat increases, the ignition time becomes longer, the combustion stability decreases, the center of the flame moves up, and the heat absorbed by the radiative surface of the furnace decreases, and the ignition time becomes longer, the combustion stability decreases, the flame center moves up, and the heat absorbed by the furnace radiating surface decreases. The heat absorbed by convection heating surface increases, the exhaust temperature increases and the exhaust loss increases.

To complete the "clean winter heating pilot cities in northern areas," the goals and tasks, Jinan Municipal People's Government issued the "Jinan City" pilot cities for winter heating cleaning northern "three-year implementation plan (2017-2020 years)." "Program" is mentioned, three-year pilot period 59 key projects a total investment of 27.3 billion yuan, 2.1 billion yuan from the central government funds, municipal funds 5.8 billion yuan financial support to attract social capital of 19.4 billion yuan. Six technical work in accordance with the deployment path, focusing on elimination of coal-fired 50 tph fir tube boiler irans, clean the deep geothermal heating, urban and rural construction and other clean energy alternative to lead technical projects, improve the maintenance of post-operation, promote clean winter heating work in an orderly manner.

Focus on the implementation of urban and rural clean energy alternatives. In the vast rural areas and central heating uncovered areas, in accordance with the enterprise-based, government promotion, residents affordable policy, local conditions, the use of alternative energy classification implementation. Urban and rural clean energy alternative to task a total of 48 projects, plans a total investment of 6.272 billion yuan (excluding clean coal-burning alternative to low-quality coal project), in which the central budget funds 820 million yuan, local financial and social capital invested 5.452 billion yuan. Coal to electricity which involves 19 projects, the use of alternative energy, Valley Electric energy storage, energy management contract, support clean green electricity for heating, with a total investment of 650 million yuan, of which the use of the central budget funds 250 million yuan; shed no change change clean heating, involving 95 000, in which the central government 200 million yuan.

First, the change may be measured inside the pipeline gas 50 tph fir tube boiler iran, if a carbon steel pipe, then, once it exceeds 3.5% of the crude swelling should be replaced; the replacement of the steel pipe expanding crude criteria should be more than 2.5%, more stringent.

Atmospheric pressure difference between the 50 tph fir tube boiler iran and the boiler pressure hot water boiler is 1. pressure equipment, with a risk of explosion. The boiler pressure hot water boiler heating system is not under pressure, always open to the atmosphere so that the boiler will not explode in any case, good safety performance. 2, pressure hot water boiler is full of water, there is no level control problem. Pressure hot water boiler is not full, the water level control problems. 3, pressure hot water boiler to be fitted with a pressure gauge, safety valve and thermometer, because the boiler always is full of water, so no water level gauge. The only pressure hot water boiler water level gauge and thermometer. 4, pressure hot water boiler circulating pump heating system, is sent to the boiler return pumping system, generally used water pump. It has to overcome the resistance of the systemic circulation, but also to maintain a certain pressure boilers, boiler water at high temperature to ensure that no vaporization. The boiler circulating pump water heating system pressure is pumped from the boiler, hot water pump pumps should be, in addition to its role in the resistance against the external system, mainly to overcome the resistance of the backwater control valve. 5, pressure hot water boiler can not only supply low-temperature water, but also to supply high-temperature water. The pressure hot water boiler can only supply low-temperature water is less than 100 degrees Celsius. Boiler operating pressure to atmospheric pressure when the internal pressure equal to or slightly lower than the atmospheric pressure, the pressure in the boiler operation when the internal pressure above atmospheric pressure.