Low Pressure electric hot water boiler Dealer

December 1, fast Boiler Co., Ltd. received customers from Ukraine, headquarters staff warmly received the guests from afar, and send a professional team of foreign trade and technical engineers accompany the customer to the company headquarters R & D centers, laboratories, manufacturing plant and cloud services platform to showcase and explain.

1 ton and 1 ton electric gas-fired low pressure electric hot water boiler dealer, whose lower operating costs? "How much gas consumption", "is saving" has been one of the problems users are most concerned about the purchase of a boiler. The onset of winter, provide a large area for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment and other heating and domestic hot water boiler equipment also received much attention. Today, Zhengzhou party fast small series to introduce some simple operating costs on gas boilers and electric boilers contrast problems.

Fault analysis of low pressure electric hot water boiler dealer feed pumps and excluded from analysis (1) electric water pump motor to overheat and exclusion for the use of motor-driven feedwater pump is concerned, the most common failure is the motor overheating. Cause overheating of the motor is mainly due to high or low voltage, drive poor ventilation system failure or malfunction caused by overheating of the motor unit. Cause serious overheating of the motor insulation burned, where the occurrence of broken rotor bars and the like. Thus, overheating of the motor should be found in the use of pneumatic power to other ways, for downtime. Motor voltage causes overheating of the motor supply system to deal with checks, to resolve the boiler feed pump motor overheating fault by restoring stable power supply. In addition to poor transmission can also cause motor overheating due to motor and cause motor load is too large to poor transmission between the pump, the phenomenon of a small horse-drawn carts, motor overload is temperature. Such a situation must be timely maintenance, resulting in unit failure. The traditional system of the motor and pump to conduct a thorough investigation, the traditional poor common mainly due to lack of oil transmission system rotating bearing, bearing damage and other causes. Where to find the point of failure can be replaced or lubricated. One of the most common fault caused due to motor overheating when the same subsystem failure, which is mainly due to the damage to the fan, ventilation duct blockage, bearing wear and other reasons that the ventilation system can not complete the work to be undertaken, resulting in motor overheating, serious will burn coil. Such a situation must be by one investigation to find out the cause of the malfunction, unobstructed ventilation duct, fan repair, replacement of bearings can solve the problem. (2) feed pump pump pump overheated boiler feed pump overheated common reason is due to the damage caused by the bearing friction caused by or due to lack of oil lubrication system, oil is not good cause. Thus the pump after the pump was found to overheating should first check the lubrication system is short of oil or lubricating oil containing impurities, followed by investigation bearing damage. For just overheating should also check the rolling bearing of the carriage through the access cover is pump gap is too small. After the inspection the pump shaft still fever should check whether the two-axis bending or misalignment, while checking the balance of the impeller, a two-axis adjusting shaft or concentricity adjustment, remove the impeller balance holes, in order to ensure the rotation of the impeller shaft balance, troubleshooting. The main reason (3) boiler feed pump flow is insufficient boiler feed pump flow rate of the main pump leaves damage, causing pipe blockage or leak. For the use of belt driven water pump also consider whether due to belt slippage caused by the low speed caused by insufficient flow. After checking the investigation belt line, plug the leak at the still insufficient flow impeller should consider whether there is damage. Check the wheel bearings and other parts for lubrication, bearing lubrication to avoid damage caused by poor or lack of speed caused by insufficient flow. 2, boiler feed pump system vibration Trouble boiler feed pump system failure will result in bearing cases inadequate flow, heat pump, dysfunctional and so on, one of the causes of the failure was due to lack of oil lubrication or oil containing impurities cause should on the one hand the unit can also cause an increase in bearing vibration system failure. Pump shock to the system over the General Assembly have an important impact on the security of the entire crew of a serious threat to the security and stability of operation of the unit, and excessive vibration has an important impact on the unit, so the unit basis. In UNITS excessive vibration occurs mainly due to the motor shaft or rotor shaft deformation, damage and bearing mount fixing bolt loosening. After the unit appeared excessive vibration, the bolts should first check whether the firm fixing base, followed by rotation of overheating see whether poor bearing parts, etc. occurs. As the case may be determined over the line of the vibration caused is too large damage to the bearing. After the exclusion of other reasons for vibration still it may be considered to be the motor shaft or rotor shaft deformation caused by excessive vibration. A motor shaft or rotor shaft modification mostly temporary deformation due to the bearing portion causes local deformation unit damage due to overheating. After the shutdown temperature can be balanced deformation can disappear.

Electric heating low pressure electric hot water boiler dealer prices hot water boiler electric water heating electric boilers price advantage (1) in the heat of Henan Yongxing electric boiler mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, electrical energy directly into heat, the thermal efficiency of more than 95% , small size, light weight, no pollution, no noise, safe and reliable operation, automatic load adjustment. Heating regulators, automatic process control, easy installation and maintenance, unattended, an ideal energy-saving heating equipment. (Ii) compared with other fuel boiler, it has the following advantages: 1. Compared with other boilers, electric boilers saving footprint of the boiler. 2. Using an electric boiler can save oil and other places. 3, can save investment chimney. 4. Heating can be reduced using the regenerative heating costs. Price cut depends on the difference between the average price of peace grain prices. Performance advantages: 1. Large steam space, good steam quality. Intelligent automatic control technology, do not need to be on duty. Flexible operating modes can be set manually settable automatic 3. Boiler cycles as needed or automatic operation, the day can be set to a plurality of different working hours, the boiler can start each time sharing group auto-heating, and can be recycled switching the heating group, the respective contacts can simultaneously use the same frequency. Improve the life of the equipment. The controller can automatically control the pressure, calculus and tracking, and to start and stop the pump and to electric heating automatically when the load changes. It can also be controlled manually. 5. With leakage protection, water protection, ground fault protection, steam overpressure protection, overcurrent protection, power protection and other full protection, the boiler automatic protection, safe return home. 6. Boiler furnace using steel boiler, furnace longitudinal and circumferential weld X-ray inspection to automatic welding, and. Small boiler furnace and electrical integration, easy installation and connection. Large boiler body design and electronic control of the separator, the influence of temperature on the electrical control to ensure stable operation of the electric control device. Compact structure, scientific and rational design, advanced manufacturing technology, the boiler space is small, easy to transport, space-saving use. 8. No noise, no pollution, high thermal efficiency. High quality and efficient boiler heat insulation materials, low heat dissipation, energy saving. 9. The packaging using known boiler, excellent color plates packaging design, elegant appearance, easy to rust. ten. All electrical components are CE and CCC certification mark to ensure product safety and service life. eleven. Advanced circuit design, wiring neat, easy to operate. 12. The electric heating furnace body flange connection, easy disassembly and maintenance. Automatic water supply, water, over-temperature, over-pressure, automatic power-off alarm, leakage protection and other safety protection system .14. PLC programmable control computer and display, and to achieve the temperature set by the Temperature Control HMI, the display shows the operating parameters and fault alarm device status.