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December 28, 2018, fast Boiler Co., Ltd. through a one-time inspection, duly named academician workstation. The Group was rated "academician workstation" station units, marking the overall level of scientific research and innovation our company has been at the forefront of the heating boilers price list industry has been affirmed and recognized experts in the community. Establish academician workstation, it is an important measure of business demand and technological innovation academician expert resources to achieve successful docking. This served as the "fast boiler academician workstation (ID: GZZ2018042)" in the station academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National Academy of pressure vessels and Xuedong, director of Pipeline Safety Engineering Technology Research Center.

Shutdown of the need to submit reports and grate-fired heating boilers price lists Category: boiler shutdown, need to fill in what report? 1 ton of flue gas of coal-fired boilers, how much is? And, What is the grate-fired boilers? What are the specific species that have? These are on the boiler, and also we do not know and understand, so the following immediately to give a specific answer, so that we can have a correct understanding, thus, know how to properly answer. 1. boiler shutdown do not, what should Boiler Inspection report submitted? Boiler shutdown is not the case, then, should the boiler inspection by a "boiler Disable Report" submitted, its main purpose is to type when the boiler inspection, can be used to prove that there is no use, so you can not carry out routine inspection, thus, eliminating annual fees, as well as a safety valve check fees, these fees.

How to adjust the air pressure changes in the air pressure in the heating boilers price list energy conservation and environmental protection boiler is to master the important parameters of boiler operating conditions. Operators need to maintain the stability of boiler pressure, rapid detection of changes occur, in time to make the right adjustments, to prevent accidents, and can handle all kinds of accidents correctly; improve the economics of its operation on the basis of the safe operation of the boiler. This requires a strong sense of responsibility and boiler operating personnel with high technical operational capacity, have full grasp of the laws governing the operation of the boiler, economic security operation of the boiler. Pressure is to ensure energy saving boiler steam boiler quality and safety, economic operation important parameters, the operation must be maintained within a certain range. Vapor pressure is too high, the components of the boiler to withstand increased internal pressure, easily damaged or affect the service life. If the pressure is too high and the boiler safety valve without action, explosion prone to accidents. Even if the increase in air pressure caused by the safety valve, the steam will escape from the safety valve, resulting in greater heat loss and affect the performance of the safety valve closed. Vapor pressure is too low, will reduce the output vapor enthalpy, increased air consumption, reduced economy. Thus, low pressure boiler required steam pressure in the boiler is generally controlled within the range of the rated pressure. The main reason is the pressure change in the evaporation boiler steam flow rate required by the user are not equal. When the amount is less than the evaporation vapor flow rate, pressure drop; otherwise rise; if they are equal, the pressure remains constant. Pressure fluctuations reflects the balance between boiler load and thermal load user. Boiler pressure regulating energy-saving and environmental protection is carried out primarily by adjusting the burning, in general we are by adjusting the amount of fuel and air supply. When they find the air pressure tends to rise, it is appropriate to reduce the amount of fuel and air supply, thus weakening the burning boilers will reduce the amount of evaporation, the vapor pressure may remain unchanged; when the air pressure tends to decrease, the amount of increase in the amount of fuel and air volume can enhanced combustion. Thereby increasing the evaporation boiler, steam pressure can be maintained unchanged.

3.Membrane panel arrangement provides the advantage of a gastight chamber resulting in high combustion efficiency

4.Advanced and complete control technology with high performance components ensures the safe and reliable operation of the boiler