hand fired 4ton boiler

What is a horizontal gas-fired hand fired 4ton boiler? Horizontal gas boiler is assembled for boilers and boiler relative to the bulk of horizontal gas-fired boiler means the manufacturer installed above the basic work has been basically completed in their own units, after inspection and acceptance transported to the installation site, to lifting the boiler on the basis of , and then after acceptance by checking, installed pipes and other rotating machinery (blower, fan), and a dust environmental protection facilities, it may be test run. General production unit boiler body stock, so short installation period. Products, efficiency and thermal efficiency gas-fired boiler WNS Horizontal gas, such as relatively high, and the small footprint, long life, cost is not high, generally belong to prefer small horizontal gas furnace when the furnace or urgent emergencies.

How to determine oil-fired hand fired 4ton boiler is positive or negative? In addition, fuel gas-fired boiler, thermal efficiency is how much is? Analyzing positive and negative pressure oil-fired boiler, boiler mainly to see that a flame sprayed, if a positive pressure is sprayed outwardly, inwardly for receiving a negative pressure. The fuel gas-fired boiler, which in turn can be called gasoline dual-boiler, thermal efficiency of the boiler, usually above 90%. 4. From the professional point of view to determine how to adjust the oil-fired boiler is appropriate? Want to determine oil-fired boiler regulation is appropriate, if from a professional point of view, then, is to pass the emissions test boiler to determine the burn rate of the fuel, thereby to determine the boiler regulation is appropriate. Moreover, the Boilers manufacturers also use this method to install a new boiler commissioning work.

The "national industrial energy-saving technologies and equipment Recommended List (2018)" key recommendation "premix wing-type vacuum condensing hot water hand fired 4ton boiler" There is a beautiful name - Thalia T6, through the rational use of the U-shaped smoke tubular, cross-wing type tube design structure, and heat transfer at the same time meet the thermal requirements, reduced to 33% of the entire area of ​​the boiler can be placed in a small area in the boiler room. At the same time the use of advanced industry premix combustion technology, will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to 18 mg / cubic meter, well below the most stringent air pollutant emissions of Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and other cities 30 mg / cubic meter standard.

In the hand fired 4ton boiler Stoke process, why should record the amount of expansion of the expansion indicators? Pressure increased at the boiler temperature member to be expanded, the expansion in order not hindered. Excessive thermal stress in the pressure member, pressure member always take a variety of measures to compensate for thermal expansion. For example, conventional steam pipe "Π" type and "Ω" compensator is an example. There way compensation is often used with one end fixed, the other end of the heat can expand freely, the drum and the waterwall tubes often used in this manner.