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By the mid-1980s, energy prices and enhance the development of materials science and technology told, there has been recuperative condensing technology. A high temperature flue gas and water are not in contact, the intermediate thermally conductive corrosion resistant material. Condensing chain boilers food trucks is currently the most of the technology used. Describes a low temperature heat exchanger corrosion after conventional boiler air and gas mixing, heat is obtained by combustion, flue gas discharge temperature of about 170 ℃. Flue gas containing water vapor, CO2, steam sulfate. Since natural gas inevitably contains a sulfide, after combustion of SO2, produced of SO3 (accounting for about 5% SO2) is oxidized after the combustion continues. SO2 is combined with water to generate sulfite, SO3 combines with water to form sulfuric acid, the acid dew point temperature of about 140 deg.] C to 160. deg.] C (depending on the content of SO3 lift). When the exhaust gas temperature at a conventional boiler 170 ℃, gaseous sulfuric acid vapor does not produce significant corrosion of the main heat exchanger. When the latent heat of the flue gas collection (the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to 50 ℃), will produce a strong acid corrosion of the main heat exchanger. And the corrosion occurs mainly in heat exchange contact surface area lower temperature, referred to as low temperature corrosion. Can be achieved at low temperature corrosion serious 1mm / year perforation caused by the contact surface, the current science and technology still can not avoid low temperature corrosion, can only minimize.

Biomass Fried Boiler as a new type of chain boilers food trucks series,its development adopt to the greenenergy system,Biomass fuels as renewable resources, mostly are agricultural and forestry waste, some straw, rice husk, sawdust and so can be used as a biomass fuel, after burning the ash can also be used as farmland fertilizer. Biomass fuel boilers use biomass energy, not only can reduce costs, but also reduce environmental pollution.

Steam chain boilers food trucks furnace plus no water how to do? Recently, a customer called and said washing plant buy steam boiler to add no water in the boiler, ask how to solve. Faced with this situation first of all to understand the local water hardness is not too high, there are a lot of local water hardness is too large volume guitar scale, resulting in a steam boiler pipes get clogged, serious pipe may burst, if steam boiler because the scale is too soon multi-generated scale will affect the boiler heating surface, steam will be sandwiched plenty of water. Supporting user said he had softened water equipment, steam boilers and no scale. The check valve should be out of the question, then opened it is true that things are stuck check valve, after removing the drenching with water after the addition of water can be normal. After a friend In such case, the election is not to see too much because of the scale of the pipeline Duzhe perspectives, but also look at the card check is not something to be with, and I hope this can help to experience this content-related friend issues.

To implement the "Blue Sky Hohhot to win the Battle of three-year action plan," Hohhot ecological Environment Agency and vigorously promote the city's coal-fired chain boilers food truckss mentioned standard transformation and treatment, formulated the "65 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boiler and governance to promote the program." clearly this year will focus on the 65 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boilers and in particular the implementation of ultra low emission limit values ​​renovation work to further reduce emissions from coal-fired boiler pollution, improve the city's quality of atmospheric environment.

Program clearly states that the city has 58 coal-fired boilers will be completed before the end of the transformation, in which five large-scale district heating enterprises 65 steam tons / hour and over the implementation of ultra-low emission coal-fired boilers transformation,

16 65 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired hot water boiler to complete the transformation of governance. To ensure the smooth implementation of the mentioned standard treatment project, municipal environment bureau called on all localities in strict accordance with the "grid" management approach, down to every level will be the task of transformation, to the people, the letter coal-fired boiler to complete the task, each Related enterprises should play the main role, strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations and energy-saving standards, to complete the task on time.

To step up supervision and municipal environment bureau set up a special steering committee to implement the "Fortnight scheduling system", the city's coal-fired boilers governance supervision, the work of the task is not implemented, governance behind schedule, promote ineffective areas and enterprises to implement early warning and interviews, due to the unfinished task of accountability.