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The four pipeline leak explosion occurred once the bi drum bagasse fired boiler nanufacturers india will increase unplanned outage losses, increased maintenance workload, and sometimes may lead to accidents, seriously affect power plant safety, economic operation. Visible, to prevent leakage of boiler four is the need to improve the reliability of thermal power generating units, is the need to improve the economic efficiency of power generation equipment, but also the need to create a thermal power plant. Cause boiler, "four" causes more leakage, which wear, corrosion, overheating, crack is the leading cause of four leaks. How to run the personnel to determine the specific parameters from the leak site accurately, the premise is to improve the treatment effect of the accident.

Boiler welding, Why a T-joint, do not use pull side welding? The connection 3.7.2T-junction "technology to monitor the bi drum bagasse fired boiler nanufacturers india safety regulations" TSGG0001-2012: not greater than the rated working pressure of 2.5MPa and a horizontal tubular boiler combustion boilers, flue gas temperature of the working environment is less than the pressure receiving member 600 ℃ connection, when the following conditions may be employed butt T-junction using the connection but not lap joint: 1, the weld joint type using full penetration, and the machined groove; 2, horizontal boiler combustion boiler shell, the furnace tube plate and connected to the cylinder insert structure should be used; 3, T-shaped joint connection site weld thickness is not less than the wall thickness of the tube plate, and which can be sealed back seam welded portion should seal welded, not welding portion can be sealed welding backing should be used, and to ensure penetration; 4, the weld joints connecting portion of the T-shaped ultrasonic testing according NB / T47013 "nondestructive Testing pressure equipment" the relevant requirements.

(1) Working principle: natural gas heating bi drum bagasse fired boiler nanufacturers india is powered up, the control system begins to detect the temperature of the boiler water level and the housing, the normal detection, the boiler burner started, heating of the water, when the water temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner heating was stopped while the boiler water temperature has reached a pump (pump start and the temperature can be freely set), starting the boiler water circulating pump, hot water circulating in the heating system piping, through the radiator (such as radiators, air-conditioning fan coil plumbing central air conditioning units, etc.) to achieve cooling heating purposes.

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