5 ton steam fired boiler

From regular inspection and testing of a large amount of data report, it is no steam 5 ton steam fired boiler user in accordance with the requirements GB1576-85 oxygen, can not effectively control water boiler feedwater and indicators, the boiler operation mode is unreasonable, the defect structure itself, boiler maintenance can not keep the like, can lead to corrosion of oxygen force receiving member of the heating surface in the boiler severe cases.

Gas-fired steam 5 ton steam fired boilers steps and skills how many tons of gas steam boiler room EIA to be done? Gas-fired steam boiler room is a national environmental policy allows the use of boilers, generally do not need to do the EIA. Gas-fired steam boiler burning up always black smoke? Gas-fired steam boiler burning up always black smoke, indicating that the boiler burner does not adjust well, need to be carefully adjusted index of the work burner. Gas heating steam boiler is higher the larger the area economy do? Gas heating steam boiler, heating a small area should be economic advantages more! Because the construction and operation of heating pipe network maintenance costs are high. Independent small area gas boiler heating pipe network costs can be omitted entirely. Gas-fired steam boiler steam pressure is what causes high pressure gas steam boiler steam boiler is mainly due to a high selection is too large; Another reason is the constant pressure control system is too high. May be required to reduce the pressure by adjusting the electrical contacts - and adjust the safety valve to a suitable pressure. --- These require professional or institution to do. Fuel gas steam boiler ignition precautions. Boost control process speed boost heating boiler and the heating process is closely linked. Due to temperature rise, should be noted that the thermal expansion and thermal stress in the drum and the heating surface. In order to ensure that all part of the boiler is heated uniformly, prevent excessive thermal stress, the boosting process must be carried out slowly. While supervise the case where each of the heat expandable pressure member, found that measures should be taken to eliminate uneven expansion. Indicating instrument closely monitored and adjusted during the ignition booster, steam parameters of the boiler, the water level and the parts of the operating conditions changing, in order to prevent accidents and abnormal situation must closely monitor various indicating instruments, boiler pressure control, temperature the water level within a reasonable range. Meanwhile, the instrument itself must undergo various instructions from the cold state to the hot state, and never pressure to process pressure, thereby boosting the ignition stage, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the indicating instrument is very important. Pressure rises to a different stage, you should do the wash water gauge, pressure gauge, trial sewage plant, check valve and so on, respectively.

Low nitrogen transformation technology transformation technology low nitrogen gas steam 5 ton steam fired boiler steam boiler gas analysis analysis? Currently, in order to comply with national and local environmental trend adjustment policy, the pharmaceutical industry began the boiler has been transformed, and low nitrogen transformation technology is one of them. As the current in the pharmaceutical industry, gas powered steam boiler is more extensive, Xiao Bian below to low nitrogen gas transformation gas steam boiler, for example, to analyze the technical transformation of low nitrogen gas steam boiler. Generally speaking, the low nitrogen transformation to achieve the effect is nothing more than two, one energy saving, emission reduction Second, with regard to energy-saving technologies, currently more common is the FGR flue gas recirculation technology, condensing technology, premix technology , organic combination of these techniques, the heat released by combustion of boiler fuel effectively used to enhance the operating efficiency of the boiler heat to some extent, to achieve the effect of energy saving; the reduction is divided into two general gas boiler emissions in the basic 150mg / m3 and above, and now the state is required standards 80mg / m3, or even 30mg / m3 and below, so for this standard, the transformation of emission reduction First, instead 80mg / m3 emissions, and second, is 30mg / m3 emissions, according to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical companies use the boiler area, the field and the actual situation of the site is determined to make the final, but strictly speaking, the venue for the pharmaceutical industry which is closely related with people, the more emissions low as possible. After the course, with regard to emission reduction technologies and the use of energy-saving technologies have in common is, the energy saving effect of this boiler is a comprehensive measure, based on a simple survey data, basically the transformation of low nitrogen gas steam boiler , basically thermal efficiency can reach more than 98% of the cost of running the boiler, ranging from 150,000 to 200,000 will be reduced, basically it will soon be able to return the cost of renovation. In short, low nitrogen gas steam boiler technology reform on the one hand can be appropriate to extend the life of the boiler, but also bring a certain margin improved for the enterprise value per unit time, is also possible to reduce emissions, it can be said to serve multiple purposes of effect.

We can think of, to a few decades, the party will soon be implemented in the next few years: the digital workshop, open-plan offices, model worker Innovation Studio, garden chemical industry park, the hotel of the staff quarters, a model customer panorama 5 ton steam fired boiler room , honor VR, VR ...... these artisans will be demonstrated by the fast square panoramic VR atlas, people will be able to feel the mobile phone side, the gas field fast boiler open mind and strength! 20 years of precipitation technology, more than 100 national patents, more than ten national honor certificate, the State Ministry of energy saving recommended products, domestic boiler industry being the only nationally recognized "academician workstation", under the aura, is the party who constantly fast pursuit and creation. Fast boiler, condensing gas boiler leader!