water level in fir tuep boiler

Fangkuai Boiler is based on low-nitrogen energy-saving and environmental protection. It focuses on the development trend and uses universal excellent technology, products and services. According to such a method, it is now applicable to the development of society around the world, promotes cutting-edge work in the future manufacturing industry, and maintains the ideal use of customers in various industries.

About special inspection special inspection of water level in fir tuep boiler heating boiler on the current expansion of the current emissions of coal-fired boilers on the market is one of the important factors causing haze has become the focus of attention. According to reports, special inspection of heating boilers about deployment, focusing on coal-fired heating boilers on-site inspections; industrial coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boiler service industry site inspection, carried out after the implementation of the rectification of the coal-fired boiler business supervision, supervision enterprise implementation of remediation. It is the status quo haze of analysis, combined with the company's technical innovation to elaborate. According to meteorological and environmental research institutions to track the long-term, the causes of fog and haze gives a more definitive scientific conclusions, except for coal-burning pollution, nitrogen oxides has become one of a large number of major cities in the fog and haze main cause of the increase reduce emission levels NOXCOX gas boiler, gas boiler is placed in front of another new industry topics.

Henan burner safety controls in claim 1 gas water level in fir tuep boiler, gas boiler burner pre Henan Henan hair gas boiler before ignition burner, there must be a period of pre-blowing, the furnace and the flue gas blow-off I or dilution. Because the gas inevitably leave more than work within the furnace burner, if not pre-ignition and hair, there is the risk of explosion. I have to blow off a clean gas or dilution gas concentration does not ensure the explosion limits. Pre-blowing time of the furnace structure and the amount of hair is generally about 15 to 60 seconds is provided. 2, Henan gas boiler combustion engine auto-ignition combustion spark-ignition engine should be adopted, to facilitate automatic control. Available high-voltage ignition transformer arc ignition, which required energy output: voltage ≥3.5KV, current ≥15mA, the ignition time is generally: 2 to 5 seconds. 3, Henan gas boiler burner combustion state monitoring Henan gas boiler burner combustion state must be dynamic monitoring, once the flame detector flame sensed signal must be fed to the burner in a very short period of time, then the burner into the protected state , and cut off the gas supply. To the normal flame detectors sensing flame signal, neither sensitive nor slow. Because sensitive, Henan gas boiler burner combustion state if volatility prone to malfunction and slow, feedback flame signal lag is not conducive to safe operation. General requirements for the response time of a signal sent from the flame to flameout flame detector does not exceed 0.2 seconds. 4, when the gas boiler burner Henan misfiring burner ignition protection, into a gas, combustion gas ignition. Ignition operation request occurs before the gas passed into first ignition temperature field is formed, to facilitate ignition and combustion. If the misfire, flame detector can not sense the flame signal, burner protection status. Protection state from the ignition time to be appropriate, neither too short nor too long. If it is too short, a stable flame is formed too late; too long, causing a large amount of gas into the furnace when the misfire. General requirements in 2-3 seconds into a gas, flame burner flame detector signal sensed be determined, not the fire protection state, ignition combustion is maintained. 5, Henan gas boiler burner flame protection Henan gas boiler burner in the combustion process, if unexpected flameout, burner into the protected status. Since the furnace is hot, the gas enters prone to knocking, it should be a very short time into the protected state, cut off the gas supply. From the burner to the flameout into protected state, the response time of the process requires less than one second.

How reasons for water level in fir tuep boiler water treatment? How reasons for boiler water treatment? (1) lack of water causes a, the water supply adjusting device malfunction or failure is not automatically adjust the feed water to discover. B, water level gauge, steam or water flow meter flow meter indicator is incorrect, erroneous determination that the operating personnel and an operation error. c, boiler load plummeted. d, water pressure drop. E, boiler sewage, valve leakage, excessive discharge. F, water wall or economizer squib leakage. g, operator negligence, insufficient water level monitoring, adjustment is not timely or misuse. (2) a water shortage: a, the normal level is lower than a predetermined level within the drum. B, indicating that the water table below the normal minimum standard level, the alarm level low level signal emitted. c, the superheated steam temperature. d, abnormally water flow less than the flow rate of steam. (3) boiler water treatment A, when the boiler feedwater and steam pressure and the normal pressure steam drum water level below the water level to normal, take the following measures: a, the drum water level gauge for the flush control to check whether correct. B, feedwater adjusted by automatic to manual, automatic not administered as electric, motor may be changed manually, and increase the boiler feed water. C, after the above-described methods such as treatment, when the drum water level is still reduced, and economizer of the boiler should check whether the door tight drainage, when damage to a large leakage economizer affect water and water circulation is found, the scheduler should consult stop furnace. After d, such as to take measures to restore the water level, the water level continued to decline, and reached the lowest level allowed, the control room should be reported, and reduce boiler load. e, as the water level continues to decline, and disappear from the Water Level Indicator, the boiler plant operation should be stopped immediately, prohibits the boiler Sheung Shui to. (4) Due to operational staff negligence, the water level in the Water Level Indicator disappear, and the failure to discover, subject to the following measures to deal with: a, be called the Water Level Indicator of water; b, named after water, the water level in the event of water level Indicator, the increase boiler feed water, and pay attention to restore the water level; c, named after water, the water level in the water level Indicator failed to appear, the shutdown should be immediately prohibited water to the boiler.