filling bottle steam atmospheric water tube boiler

Cleaning method of filling bottle steam atmospheric water tube boiler scale in common useScale is one of the most harmful sources of cast iron hot water boiler. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe and economical operation of cast iron hot water boiler, it is necessary to remove boiler scale in time. To give you a brief description of three commonly used and effective boiler scale removal methods: mechanical scale removal method, acid washing scale removal method and alkali cooking scale removal method. 1. alkali cooking scale removal method: alkali cooking scale removal method, its effect is worse than the acid washing scale removal method, but after alkali cooking due to water scale loose, Therefore, the scale which is difficult to remove with hydrochloric acid can also be treated once before pickling. The alkali cooking method is simple to operate, and the side effect is relatively small. The disadvantage is that the cooking time is longer, the medicament consumption is more, and the effect is poor.2. Mechanical scale removal: when the cast iron hot water boiler has loose scale and slag in the furnace, the cast iron hot water boiler is cooled after stopping the furnace, and the furnace water is released. After washing with clean water, the scale can be descaled with flat shovel, steel wire brush and motor tube mill. This method is relatively simple and is often used in small cast iron hot water boilers with simple scaling. However, high labor intensity, poor scale removal effect, easy to damage the boiler body. 3. acid washing scale removal method: most of the acid washing scale removal method is hydrochloric acid or nitric acid to clean. The pickling solution is composed of hydrochloric acid plus corrosion inhibitor or nitric acid plus inhibitor. This kind of pickling solution can not only remove the scale in boiler (when removing nitrate scale, but also need to add it). Hydrofluoric acid), and very little corrosion cast iron hot water boiler. Pickling has the effect of dissolving, peeling and loosening.

We all know that the filling bottle steam atmospheric water tube boiler and have a large, dangerous equipment, so the transformation process we need to pay attention to some problems to be able to make it to transform all aspects of security smoothly, here to explain to the transformation of content that need attention. 1, note that prior to the step of performing the transformation of the boiler torn down to be demolished for main and auxiliary engines; but how demolition, require the operator to advance the development of a detailed demolition plan based on the boiler situation, and then based on the removal step, step by step removal, not indiscriminate demolition, or is likely to cause accidents. 2, pay attention to the transformation of the transformation of the boiler furnace, many steps are focused around the hearth to transform the general professional boiler when the company will be re-engineered to the furnace pouring new furnace, replacing the old hearth; Also note that, after the original boiler burning arch tube can not have been affected by high temperatures, leaving the center point of the flame, this will allow the furnace to become more durable. 3, do not forget to test a lot of people working in the boiler after the completion of renovation work will feel all is well, it is not true, but also to perform a comprehensive test work after the transformation of boilers, for boiler pressure test to be 1.5 times the rated pressure. If the test results are normal, you can complete deliveries.

The DZL coal fired steam filling bottle steam atmospheric water tube boiler adopts single drums and its rated steam pressure is up to 1.6MPa and the rated steam temperature is up to 204℃, the SZL coal fired steam boiler double drums and its rated steam pressure is 1.25MPa, rated steam temperature is 194℃.

After the project identification, party fast technical staff soon made contact with our company, to our installation, commissioning, to ensure the look normal, stable use during filling bottle steam atmospheric water tube boiler operation. Thanks fast boiler professional technical support and good service, I provide a lot of help for the textile dyeing and finishing production company. --customer feedback