boiler company in bhandup

In a number of bidders, the party quickly ready gas water tube boiler company in bhandup with its unique advantages of low nitrogen come out on top; the low nitrogen gas water tube boiler has the following advantages. 1, boiler factory ready, body welding, manufacturing completed in the factory, quality is the best guarantee to ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of the boiler. 2, a small work site installation, short cycle, the boiler body all-membrane wall structure, effectively reduce heat loss boilers, to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 3, boiler furnace, convection and rational use of two-pass arrangement flue gas velocity, effective control of the flue gas resistance, no fan, lower operating power consumption, energy saving. 4, micro-pressure combustion, the boiler to prevent the air leakage phenomenon, to effectively control exhaust excess air coefficient, reducing heat losses, improved boiler efficiency. 5, with forced water circulation system, the flow rate of each process are selected in accordance with the recommended standard upper limit value, to ensure that the cold boiled heating surface does not occur too, causing water hammer or squib; preventing sedimentation oxygen corrosion and impurities in the water, to avoid heat boiler accident damaged surface;? burner flame, gas overpressure or low pressure, 15 kinds of safety warning and fault protection device leakage protection, gas, comprehensive guarantee safe operation of boilers;? intelligent integration operation control system, with touch-screen operation Dual purely manual control buttons and functions.

Gas-fired boiler company in bhandup using cleaner energy, more advanced design of the structure, not only to do clean environment, but also to achieve high efficiency of 95%. Meanwhile, the boiler also having a compact, reliable, simple, quick installation, low pollution, low noise, high efficiency.

Boiler economizer tube is damaged how to do? Damage is divided into: (1) decreased water level, water flow is abnormally greater than the steam flow. There are different sound nearby (2) boiler company in bhandup economizer. (3) Leakage of the lower portion of the furnace wall and economizer preheater transitions have steaming, wet ash hopper phenomenon. (4) both economizer flue gas temperature difference is increased, a low flue gas temperature of side leakage. (5) economizer import and export pressure drop. Processing method: if the damage is not serious, should return monitor, value of the long, reducing the furnace load, the feedwater automatic to manual, and notifies the turbine by opening feed pump reinforcing feedwater, stable combustion, to strengthen the inspection and monitoring of the fault point, do good physical security measures to prevent, maintain a short run, reporting chief engineer, asked the shutdown. When approaching if endanger or affect the operation of the furnace inlet pipe, or despite increased water, or drum level decreases rapidly, should an emergency shutdown, the shutdown prohibition of open recirculation door.

The conference closely follows the theme of the trend change in intelligent manufacturing industry, and analyzes and interprets the development needs and current situation of intelligent manufacturing in the boiler company in bhandup industry, and proposes a feasible development path for intelligent manufacturing promotion.