boiler calorex no da chispa

Recently, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Leading Group issued a circular on promoting the transformation of ultra-low emissions and low nitrogen transformation of biomass boiler calorex no da chispas gas-fired boiler. Resolutely implement - the latest requirements "2018 in Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas in 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" in, and further reduces boiler emissions standards.

1, 2019 until October 31, the use of boiler tail decoration efficient dust removal, desulfurization, stock device is accomplished ultra-low emission biomass boilers transformation of the necessary funds by the counties (cities, districts) and users together to solve, not the municipal finance I grant.

2, October 31, 2019 update for ultra-low emissions of nitrogen gas boilers, electric boilers biomass boilers, municipal finance one-time grant 30 yuan / square meter construction costs, in part by the lack of counties (cities, districts) and user common solutions.

Way: by transformation to replace the low NOx combustion, a flue gas recirculation device installation mode, NOx emission is less than 30 mg / m item.

NOx emission cuts ≥50%, and the concentration value of less than 30 mg / cubic meter project, to give up prize money of 30% in accordance with the transformation of investment.

3, after December 31, 2017 the new gas boiler, should meet the emission requirements on Taiyuan low NOx combustion, but does not enjoy the low NOx combustion subsidies.

Boiler popular low nitrogen reasons which have low nitrogen boiler calorex no da chispa is a clever design and construction of advanced precision equipment, safety and environmental protection, and not only has the unique advantages of high quality and durable, but also to improve the strength of equipment to save energy through the use of advanced science and technology to obtain people's praise, then, this high-quality, durable boiler popular low nitrogen because in the end, what does: first, the use of flue gas recirculation technology professional low nitrogen boiler flue gas recirculation technology is used , mainly by adding an appropriate amount to reduce the flue gas temperature in the combustion region of the flame, and the combustion products of these fumes is added to the combustion zone to recirculated flue gas and to achieve the purpose of reducing the nitrogen gas generated. 2, energy efficient and reliable low nitrogen smoke tube boiler uses the seamless pipe of high quality and durable, it can ensure the safe operation up to a certain extent the exhaust passage, and, no matter how much the intensity of the combustion, without the slit conduit can be a good exhaust gas, in addition, good quality and low price of low-nitrogen boiler is further characterized by energy-efficient, capable of efficient operation at low load state, while saving energy consumption is also reduced the cost of the enterprise. 3, the use of advanced Internet transmission technology low nitrogen boiler using the most advanced Internet technology transfer, but also for data transmission and real-time monitoring, so that when the low nitrogen boiler operation in the event of any fault, businesses able to grasp and understand the reasons for failure, and promptly make the appropriate adjustments to the machine, thus improving the production efficiency of the equipment and for enterprises to win greater economic benefits in the first time. To sum up, the boiler low nitrogen popular reason is not only because of highly efficient energy saving and environmental protection and security of the unique advantages, but also because it has advanced Internet transmission technology and flue gas recirculation technology, both to improve production efficiency of the equipment, also to win greater economic benefits for the enterprise, so, this is the low nitrogen boiler popular for several reasons.

Please emergency shutdown following conditions: relative to the normal shutdown, emergency shutdown of the boiler calorex no da chispa, said boiler abnormalities that, if not stopped immediately, it may cause some economic losses. Therefore, in the following conditions are met that should attract immediate attention, emergency shutdown operation. (1) When the boiler water level gauge water level drops below the lowest water level, through the "waters" law also failed to see the water level. (2) increase the boiler when the water level continued to decline up time. (3) water supply system failure, unable to supply water when the boiler. (4) water level gauge and a safety valve failure, can not guarantee the safe operation of the boiler. (5) When the control valve and the drain valve malfunction when closed lax. (6) when the pressure receiving surface of the waterwall tubes or boiler smoke tubes bulging or cracking occurs, the furnace wall, collapsed down occurs when the front arch. (7) In case of failure of a safety valve, pressure gauge displays the boiler overpressure operation.

6, the exhaust gas temperature should not exceed 300 ℃, shutdown or should be checked;

7, when gas steam boiler into normal operation phase, boiler fireman personnel to strengthen the boiler, instrumentation and safety accessories and auxiliary equipment is a monitor, a good job is a mobile inspection of boilers and auxiliary equipment running and timely completion of recording.