biodiesel oil fired hot water boiler

How to use cheap coal-fired boiler, gas boiler and biodiesel fired hot water boiler: gas steam boiler burner underlying mode, two-pass configuration, the fuel combustion, the boiler operation is stable and take up less space, while the spoiler is inserted smoke tube, slowing exhaust speed, increase heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, reduce user costs of coal-fired boilers, gas boilers, to achieve environmental protection, energy saving effect. Dust content of exhaust gas can be reduced by 30% to 40%. Mounting position: the oil pump is mounted between the nozzle and the combustion chamber or the ambient temperature should not exceed 360 ℃. Combustion apparatus exhaust gas discharged air pollution is greatly reduced. An exhaust gas of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC) and other harmful components greatly reduced, harmful exhaust gases reduced by 50%.

7MW WNS series gas-fired biodiesel fired hot water boiler project for Sinopec Beijing Design InstituteA hot water boiler is an important heat supply equipment in the national economy, there are two main functions: supplying bathing water and heating water. Sinopec Beijing Design Institute (BDI) is the first design institute specializing in chemical and petroleum refining engineering since the establishment of PRC; it was restructured and amalgamated with former Sinopec Engineering Incorporation (SEI) and Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., LTD. into New Sinopec Engineering Incorporation, affiliated with Sinopec Group. The major job of New Sinopec Engineering Incorporation is oil refining and petrochemical design. Chinese government boosts the "coal to gas" or "coal to electricity" projects to protect atmospheric environment and promote energy transformation. BDI decided to eliminate hot water boilers that cannot meet the emission standards and introduce energy-saving and environment-friendly ones to support the development of environmental protection; they decided to use the natural gas as fuel. ZOZEN stood out from the fierce competition of boiler market and gained the favor and trust of BDI, ZOZEN provided BDI with 4 sets of 7MW gas-fired boilers (WNS7-1.0/115/70-Q). This series of boilers is the typical environmental protection and energy saving product, full automatically running is safe and reliable; the thermal efficiency is over 98%. All figures of the boilers are above the design requirements and have reached the international advanced level.

Basic requirements for thermal control of fuel gas boiler rooms 1. Main characteristics of fuel-fired Gas-fired Boiler the main difference between oil-fired gas-fired boiler and laminar combustion coal-fired boiler is that the combustion system is different, mainly in the fuel property and combustion mode. The combustion system of the fuel-fired gas-fired boiler has the following two characteristics: 1) if the combustion process is not controlled properly, a large number of combustible mixture can be formed in the furnace, and when the mixture is deflagration, it may cause the furnace explosion. Causing serious property losses and casualties. 2) the combustion mode of fuel-fired gas-fired boiler is space combustion, the combustion speed is faster and the load response is quick. 2. Self-control of oil-fired gas-fired boiler The control requirements are in accordance with the combustion system of the fuel-fired gas-fired boiler, and the basic requirements for the automatic control system of the oil-fired gas-fired boiler are as follows: (1) the reliable system is configured to prevent the explosion of the oil-fired gas-fired boiler. When designing the automatic control system of oil-fired gas-fired boiler, the reliability of the system must be given priority consideration, and if necessary, the design mode of setting the protection system and the detection control system separately can be adopted. In order to improve the reliability of the control and protection system, it is necessary to configure the necessary backup manual control and double indication of important parameters in the selection of the microcomputer control system. (2) strict procedures should be taken to control the start-up of oil-fired gas-fired boilers. Program control is adopted to strictly detect fuel system, air supply system and flame monitoring system in the process of starting and stopping, so as to avoid failure in the process of starting and stopping furnace. (3) timely alarm protection should be based on specific conditions. Select the following alarm and interlocking protection items related to combustion system: 1) alarm and interlocking protection of drum water level. 2) Boiler pressure overpressure (biodiesel fired hot water boiler outlet temperature overheating) alarm and interlock protection. 3) flameout interlock protection. 4) low oil pressure interlock protection (oil fired boiler). 5) High oil temperature interlock protection (oil fired boiler). 6) low oil temperature interlock protection (oil fired boiler). 7) low Gas pressure interlock protection (gas boiler). 8) High gas pressure interlocking protection (gas boiler). 9) low wind pressure interlock protection. 10) burner flange limit to open correlation lock. 11) combustible gas leakage alarm. 12) earthquake interlocking protection. (4) when the rapid system responds to the abnormal flame extinguishment in the operation of the fuel-fired gas-fired boiler, the automatic control system is required to cut off the fuel supply rapidly and prevent the fuel from entering the furnace, so the automatic control system is required to respond quickly enough. (5) when the load of the fuel-fired gas boiler changes, the response speed of the fuel regulation is higher than that of the air supply system. Hurry up. When the load increases suddenly, the increase speed of fuel is greater than that of the corresponding air quantity, which results in insufficient combustion and black smoke, and when the load decreases suddenly, the reduction speed of fuel is fast, and the oxygen content of exhaust smoke is too high. For the small boiler controlled by bit, the increase or decrease of combustion should match the increase or decrease of air volume, otherwise, the ignition may be extinguished. Therefore, combustion and air control should be considered in the design of automatic control system. (6) for the automatic control system of gas-fired boiler, the explosion-proof instrument should be used in the field instrument.

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