steam boiler for rice mill industry

Corner tube hot water boiler design:

Corner tube hot water boiler design with a boiler pipe system as a framework (or skeleton). At the same time as the fall of the frame tube, lower distribution header and the upper header and completed a degree of separator. Under normal circumstances, the entire framework is also supporting frame boilers, boiler load all by its exposure. The fuel material is bituminous coal and anthracite.

New boiler, gas or coal-fired choose? Many users in the selection of a new boiler, there are a lot of doubts. For example, choose to use the more common coal-fired boilers do? Or the use of cleaner gas-fired boiler it? Xiao Bian from the following aspects to compare your focus to help you better understand the boiler equipment.

Installation should be qualified to assume professional installation of the boiler unit. Before boiler installation, using either their own units installed or installed by a qualified professional install the unit, construction units installed boiler must be examined and approved through the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the boiler and pressure vessel technology supervision department. Please install the specialized units should be held with the boiler level, consistent with the type of installation boiler installation license. Professional installers should save and technology supervision department for examination and approval, and explicitly allow installation scope (including pressure, volume, type of assembly), and issued a permit to install the unit.

In a number of bidders, the party quickly ready gas water tube boiler with its unique advantages of low nitrogen come out on top; the low nitrogen gas water tube boiler has the following advantages. 1, boiler factory ready, body welding, manufacturing completed in the factory, quality is the best guarantee to ensure the long-term safe and reliable operation of the boiler. 2, a small work site installation, short cycle, the boiler body all-membrane wall structure, effectively reduce heat loss boilers, to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 3, boiler furnace, convection and rational use of two-pass arrangement flue gas velocity, effective control of the flue gas resistance, no fan, lower operating power consumption, energy saving. 4, micro-pressure combustion, the boiler to prevent the air leakage phenomenon, to effectively control exhaust excess air coefficient, reducing heat losses, improved boiler efficiency. 5, with forced water circulation system, the flow rate of each process are selected in accordance with the recommended standard upper limit value, to ensure that the cold boiled heating surface does not occur too, causing water hammer or squib; preventing sedimentation oxygen corrosion and impurities in the water, to avoid heat boiler accident damaged surface;? burner flame, gas overpressure or low pressure, 15 kinds of safety warning and fault protection device leakage protection, gas, comprehensive guarantee safe operation of boilers;? intelligent integration operation control system, with touch-screen operation Dual purely manual control buttons and functions.