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February 13, 2019, a food processing plant in Heilongjiang province, after the Spring Festival to resume production process, logo of zhengzhou boiler co ltd explosion accident occurred, killing two people were killed, to the masses lives and property of people come at a cost, resulting in adverse social impact .

To reduce boiler accident, maintain social stability and security personnel, Suihua City Market Authority to act quickly, on February 15 Kusakabe issued an emergency notice to deploy to carry out safety hazards investigation boilers within the city, the focus of the investigation after the Spring Festival recovery boiler operation baths and other crowded places in boilers, boiler timely elimination of security risks in the management and operation aspects of existence.

As of now, law enforcement officers deployed 116 times, check unit 52, checks the boiler 64 for five in the boiler there are security risks of Special Equipment Safety Supervision issued a letter of instruction, ordered to stop using, be put into use after the rectification qualified.

What kind of logo of zhengzhou boiler co ltd belongs to the exemption boiler?

Many users in the purchase of gas hot water boilers, boiler inspection has become a problem if the user needs are concerned. This is mainly because a lot of the boiler at the time of inspection and examination, the layers need to be checked, there may need to check the shutdown, will directly reduce the production efficiency of enterprises.

Hot water logo of zhengzhou boiler co ltd convection tube bundle fouling treatment: hot water boiler in the long run, there will inevitably be fouling phenomenon. Just as there will be people thinking jam after a long labor, slow reaction. But the hot water boiler fouling is different from the human brain appear to be in time, or else will result in burst pipes. After the general approach is the use of a chemical treatment, acid washing or alkali washing, the method may be dipping or cleaning cycle, it may be bonded to both! Intractable scale but some special methods have taken up! Hot water boiler scale appeared we should remain rational mind. First you have to analyze the scale of the category. Analysis of the first category scale, the first mechanical descaling, and chemical methods using the above-described descaling. Before the boiler needs to be designed for the analysis of water content, and water pre-treatment, until the water quality standards to enter the convection bank, or need to be re-treated.

4. Structure is compact, easy installation, reduced the logo of zhengzhou boiler co ltd room cost and installation cost.

5. Single pot of large volume, flat-front applicable load ability

6. Burning full, heated area is big, adopt effective, the thermal efficiency is higher than threaded smokestacks state standards.