hot new products 10 ton boiler for sale

Since our company uses WNS6-1.25-YQ split two condensing hot new products 10 ton boiler for sale, the boiler runs very stable, high degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of fireman our staff, because running very clean without any emissions, but also greatly improved our paper mill house and the surrounding environment, high operating efficiency boilers. Service is also very timely response to our technical consulting reply quickly and accurately. Especially for regular visits to thank! --customer feedback

10.5MW WNS series gas-fired hot water hot new products 10 ton boiler for sale for heating industry

Veolia (Harbin) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a Sino-foreign joint venture controlled by Veolia Group. The company's main business is to supply heat to the southwestern part of Harbin. The current heating area is about 19 million square meters, which ranks the top three in Harbin. In order to ensure the heating effect, Veolia Thermal Power decided to introduce the fully automatic gas-fired hot water boilers featuring environmental protection, ensuring that the boilers meet the needs of centralized heating as well as the flue gas meets the standard discharge.

How to save electricity when using electric hot new products 10 ton boiler for saleFirst of all, we first find out the power consumption of electric boilers, the main reason is poor insulation performance and improper use. As a result of improper use, the electricity bill will of course be increased a lot. So how should we save electricity? 1, your building indoor height. 2, indoor heating temperature. 3, the direction and number of floors of the room. 4, outdoor temperature. 5, adjacent to the living room heating. 6, Indoor doors and windows insulation effect. 7, the wall insulation conditions. 8, user methods and so on. Then the power configuration of the electric boiler should be reasonable. The power configuration is too big or small, but the power configuration is too large instead No power configuration, more tips. Power configuration is too small, the electric boiler has been working to achieve the set temperature, but also can not reach the set temperature. This is because the electric boiler fills the room with less heat than the room heat loss, the room heating is slow and not obvious, not only waste electricity, but also can not play a comfortable heating effect. People run at low temperatures when they are away. The electric boiler system has thermal inertia, can not be heated up immediately when it is opened, and can not be cooled immediately when it is closed. When you are away from home, turn down the temperature instead of shutting down the system, or shut down the boiler when you are away for a long time. Reasonable utilization of peak and valley electricity. Use of nocturnal valley electricity, with a slight temperature Fine-tuning, can even use a heat storage tank, peak electricity during the day, the temperature down. The house should be well insulated. Good thermal insulation can prevent excessive heat loss, doors and windows can not have obvious gaps, windows had better add double-layer central control glass, wall insulation, energy-saving effect will be very remarkable.

Steam hot new products 10 ton boiler for sale 6 ~ 20t / h, hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 14MW, not less than 4.0m;

Steam boiler 35 ~ 65t / h, hot water boiler 29 ~ 58MW, not less than 5.0m.