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10 tph SZL series biomass-fired steam 10 bar pressure hsd fuel boilers dealer price project for Inner Mongolia Jinshan Mining

Founded in 2004, Inner Mongolia Jinshan Mining Co., Ltd. is engaged in mining, sales and geological prospecting of ore such as silver, manganese, lead and zinc. Jinshan Mining invested to build a new MnS04 production line with an annual capacity of 45,000 tons in 2018. Industrial boilers play an important role in the production line. They also consume a large amount of fuel. Therefore, purchasing high-efficient and energy-saving steam boilers not only can save production costs but also can meet the low-carbon and energy-saving development direction.

65bar gas fired 10 bar pressure hsd fuel boilers dealer price in Pakistan

Gas fired Boilers in Pakistan

Theory and hot water 10 bar pressure hsd fuel boilers dealer price heating area supply and demand and the impact of heating boilers speaking, a ton of hot water boiler can be resolved 10,000 square meters of community heating problem. This is how calculated? First South, the North district heating has been shown in the south different relationship heating Heating relationship northern region as shown main reason for this difference is the impact of climate north and south of the figure below. Generally, 1kg of water for every 1 ℃ to absorb 10 kilocalories thereby obtain 0.7 MW (1 ton) for heat boiler 60 million cards. Therefore, heated from 15 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius 20 tons of water per hour, how many boilers need? 21000 * (40-15) = 50000kcal (which is an hour to heat the boiler release) Of course, in addition to the temperature difference between north and south, the area of ​​heating hot water boilers factors influence a lot. For example, altitude, local average temperature, building structures, and so the heating effect. In general, the difference between theory and practice is about 2,000 square meters, so the choice of heating hot water boilers, hot water boilers usually choose, slightly larger than the theoretical tonnages. If it is 10,000 square meters of district heating, it is recommended to select 1.4 MW hot water boiler. Reduce water use, not only can reduce operating costs later, and can ensure the operation of the pipeline in late. Depreciation does not affect the boiler heating effect.

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